Monday, 31 March 2008

That missing hour.....

Where did the weekend go? This week seemed to drag all the time I was at work, and then hurray the weekend was here, but blink and you could have missed it. I blame that missing hour! Went out with the girls on Friday night for a friends birthday, it was OK but I returned £25 lighter and probably 1/2 Stone heavier. Do you know it was £5.25 for a glass of dry white wine. I think that is a ridiculous price. When the waitress bought the drinks over I asked if my wine should be in a pint glass like my friends coke if it was costing that much. Needless to say I didn't have another glass of wine!

We had quite a productive day yesterday, but it did seem to fly by. We got out the front and weeded the border. The miniature fruit trees and blackberry bushes we put in have started to bud. Also managed to clear the pots out in the back garden and hubby mowed the lawn. We then did a bit of decorating in the dining room. He put on a new plug socket and rubbed the skirting down and I painted the coving. Still loads to do in there yet, but can't wait till its finished. Popped over mum and dads, and in laws as well, so busy day.


Sarahs Home said...

Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog and saying Hello. You have a lovely blog here and some fab pictures. We are on the same drive here in our home. Green, trying to be frugal. One day we would like a smallholding but right now we are making the best of where we are. I will bookmark your blog and come back soon.

Sarah x

solsticedreamer said...

busy busy!
swampy was busy~out logging and stocking up our supplies, i was busy catching up on my studies.
i looked at my potatos chitting, hiding in the larder,waiting to be planted!