Saturday, 29 March 2008

Still Raining....

As you can see Woody is a well and truly a part of the family. You can't even read the paper without him being included. He's such a daddy's boy!

I had another bash at making lemon curd today. This time it set quite quickly and is a lot thicker than the last batch, it tastes great too.

It's still raining here, so just spending the day pottering around the house.


solsticedreamer said...

still raining here and very windy~still better than freezing in yorkshire!!!
the lemon curd looks lovely~one of the sweet things swampy and i agree on!

Alison said...

My one weakness...homemade lemon curd...yum.
Woody looks such a big softy and I love the cushion he has rested his head on.
Take care,
Alison x

Autumn said...

Hi I popped in from somerset seasons and I am enjoying your blog.
I have a dog and two cats that think they have to be where ever I am. They are spoiled babies.
Also your baking looks really yummy. I have always wanted to try curd, and those macarooms looks soooo good. If you have time can you post the recipe.

Pixiedust said...

Hi Autumn, thanks for visiting my blog. I'll try to get around to popping the recipes on this week. Cakes nearly gone, so it can't have been too bad. there are only a few macaroons left too. x