Monday, 10 March 2008

Very Wet Dog & Owner, Need Towel....

Phoebe's got the right idea!

Woody getting dried off!

It stopped raining and a bit of sun peeped through the clouds so I finally braved the weather this morning to take Woody for his walk, THAT WAS A MISTAKE! No sooner had I got as far as the park the heavens opened. We were wet by then so i thought we might as well carry on. All the lamp posts in the park were half over with the tops all smashed, so I had to watch Woody's paws. We got a bit further on and the lovely Willow had taken a real beating, I guess this is a not so Whomping Willow. I took some photo's on my camera phone, but can't work out how to get them on the lap top.


mrsnesbitt said...

The rain has just stopped up here in North Yorkshire and the sun is coming out!

solsticedreamer said...

whew what a night! and its still going strong after a gap of blue skies earlier.
cody came back from up the lane looking very much like woody! (he also has a 'sheep' fleecy blanket~cody's is green!)

Pixiedust said...

Welcome to my blog mrs nesbitt.

Lee, It' still blowing a gale here too and woody's still a bit damp. He always looks like he's had a perm in the rain. I hope cody loves his fleece as much as woody. x