Monday, 30 March 2009

Tilda Swap, giveaway and stuff......

As you can tell a lot of thought went into that post title! lol......... But it does what it says on the tin I suppose....... I took part in a swap recently which was hosted by the lovely Maaike at A blog of a Tilda fan. I was a little late to take part but Maaike said I could be her extra swap partner, and heres what lovely goodies I received, all the way from the Netherlands.

Beautifully wrapped, I was very excited when I saw this bundle.

I love this tea cosy, all handmade and such yummy colours.

This is the back, which is just and lovely as the front.

I also received a little apple pie scented tea pot stand, some dangly Easter eggs, biscuits, springtime serviettes and two flower tea lights and a card. I was thoroughly spoiled thanks so much Maaike. xxx Can't wait for the next swap. xxx

I also won a giveaway a while back on Sara's blog, and look what came in the post last week.

A pretty little egg cosy made by Sara, some twinings tea bags and Easter bunny chocolate lollies. Thanks so much Sara, Easter Breakfast will be a real treat with these goodies.

On to the weekend!

I had a fab weekend, I went shopping with the girls on Saturday. We started at my favourite shop, cheselpeake mill in wickham, where I purchased these black and white cards. I'm making myself a notice board when I get some time and think these will look lovely.

We then went to the Hunters Inn where we had a scrummy lunch and we each had a different pudding so we could share them. Naughty but nice!

Then it was off to my favourite garden centre Garsons, which had the most pretty Easter Selection I've seen, so I did get a couple of bits,also naughty but nice.

These Gisela Graham egg cups. I collect this pattern so couldn't miss the opportunity.

A Gisela Graham cockerel, chick egg cosy, glass egg and a beach hut sign for the bathroom.

I also purchased a couple of other items, but they are for my Easter Swap partners. We then had a quick trip to M&S but it was packed so didn't stay long, and by then My feet were killing me, you see I don't do heels but wore heels Saturday doh! Never again. So off home to relax for the evening........................Not on your Nellie! I was off out again to watch a UB40 tribute band with cheap drinks. It was a great night, got rather merry and fell on my bottom on the dance floor. Needless to say I was mortified and my friends just laughed at me, :o(.

And Sunday............................................................................................................................................

Was spent nursing a hangover so not much achieved.

How was your weekend?

......EASTER SWAP.......

Flossie and Tom, Lissy Lou hasn't been able to contact you. If you e-mail me, I can give you her email address. If you've already sorted this, just ignore me, I've been away from the PC this weekend, so I'm a little behind.

The New CK Catalogue.....

Look what dropped through the door today!

If only I looked like this when doing the ironing.

I can spy my handbag hanging on that peg rail.


I love this cutlery, but its very pricey.

If you have the Tilda Books, you can make a strawberry like this for a fraction of the cost.

More pretties!

Now, I'm going camping at the beginning of May and these things are just yummy. I particularly love that poncho, and in good old blighty it will come in very useful.

The next issue looks like its gonna be good, isn't this tipi just gorgeous?

Well I've teased you enough now.

TTFN Folks xxxx

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I'm still alive......

Hello folks. Sorry for my serious lack of posts this past week or so. I've been spending my blogging time walking with the dog in an attempt to loose weight and get fit. The weather has been lovely and we've had some lovely walks, all of which I forgot to take the camera on. Thanks for all the tips on getting rid of my hiccups. You'll be pleased to know that I did go to bed that night hiccup free.
I have some new bed linen, sadly cannot afford CK or LA at the moment, but thought this set was lovely, it's from the Tesco Direct catalogue and at £11.74 for a king size set a bargain too.

And while out buying some mothers day flowers on Saturday I bought a £2 bunch for me too, aren't they pretty?
I've also been busy finishing a Tilda swap which I will be posting today, then I can put some serious effort into my Easter/spring swap parcels.
How's everyone else getting on with their swaps? Does anyone have theirs yet?
Take Care. xxxx Pixie xxxx

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Blardy Hiccups......

Hi folks, just thought I'd tell you that I've had the hiccups for and hour and a half on and off today. I have them back again now hic ......cup, I've tried holding my breath drinking water, and still can't get rid of them. I've even re-read the water bill to give me a shock :o), but that hasn't worked either. I think I'll be hiccupping in my sleep.

Sorry I haven't been leaving too many comments the past few days. I've just got a lot to do at the moment and just feeling generally yuk. You know the normal being too fat and the house getting on top of you sort of yuk. I did make myself go on a long walk with the dog today to the local country park and we both enjoyed it. I just need to make myself do this everyday, I soooooo need the exercise. Feeling a bit pooped now, so off to make hubbys sarnies then off to bed. Night Night. xxx

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Been to Bosham......

Hello peeps. I had a lovely day yesterday in Bosham with my sister in law. Its a lovely picturesque village with a little harbour, but me being the doughnut I am forgot to take the camera. When I go back with hubby I will try and get some pics. Here's some bits I picked up. The top pic is some pretty stationery for all future blog swaps and staying in touch with new bloggy friends. I did get some more cards but can't show pics of them!
Picked up an Emma Bridgewater cake tin, for just £3.50, as it as a dent on the lid and is a little faded.

I was snapping this little beauty before I'd even taken the label off. I have a few of this range. Its dotty cockerel by Gisela Graham.

Some smelly bath melts! They do smell good. xxxxxx

and some pussy willow to put in with my dafs.

Hope you've all had a good weekend. Its sure been a gorgeous day today.
I hope everyone has managed to contact their swap partners for the Easter Springtime swap. If you haven't please let me know and I will see if I can chase them up.
Don't forget LRTC tonight. xxxx

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

An Award......

I've recently received this award from Leanne at I believe in Fairytales. Thanks so much Leanne, you really cheered me up. :o)

I have to pass it on to seven other blogs, and tell you seven things I love. So here goes......

1. I love my Husband
2. I love my animals
3. I love to bake cakes
4. I love to craft and sew
5. I love Cath Kidston and Vintage stuff
6. I'd love to be slim
7. I Love visiting Glastonbury

I'd like to pass this award to.........

Beki Marie
Mel Mel
The Crafty Trundler
Ruby's Mama
Vintage Girl

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Look what I got!
I fell in love with these gorgeous brooches on Hens blog and had to have one..

Thanks so much Hen!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Easter Spring Time Swap Partners.....EDIT


The Rules

5 items Max (At least 1 item handmade)

Must be Easter/Spring time themed. Let your imagination run wild

Must be with your swap partner by 9th April 2009, so they have it for Easter.

All parcels must have a sender address on the back

Please make sure there is a way to contact you via your blog or profile.

drum roll please.............and the swap partners are:-

Flossie & Tom - Lissy Lou

Country Bliss - Hollypops

Thrifty Mrs - Karen

Daisie - Mel Mel

Tina - Beki Marie

Molly & Izzie - Cinnamon Cottage

Sarahs Home - The Snail Garden

Bex - Claire

Jayne - Mitmot

Mad Mummy - Taz

Blueberry Heart - Vintage Girl

Pixiedust - Ruby's Mama

Pixiedust - The Crafty Trundler


Lavender Hearts - Sue

We had an odd number of partipents, and so nobody is dissapointed, I have two swap partners, ooohhhh double the fun.

If for any reason you are unable to contact your swap partner please let me know.

I'm really looking forward to it. ((((Hugs)))) Pixie. xxx

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Last Chance................

Hi peeps, I will be picking names from the hat tomorrow, for my Easter Springtime swap, so if you haven't entered and would like to please click here and leave a comment.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Pics for Little Gem......

I'm so glad everyone enjoyed the pics I posted yesterday. We all need a bit of eye candy from time to time :o).

Not enough pics for Little Gem though, she wanted to see inside the book too! So here you go Little Gem, a sneaky peek of some pics inside my ''sewing in no time'' book.

We have quite a few signed up for the Easter Springtime swap, but if your sitting on the sidelines and fancy having a go, why not put you name in the hat? Go on you know you want to! :o) xxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Magazine Eye Candy......

I ordered this book from Amazon a little while back, and it arrived today. If you haven't already got it, I can recommend it. Theres lots of lovely patterns and instructions to make everyday household things, such as cushions, peg bags, blinds, pillow cases etc. I can't wait to start making.
Now for some eye candy........................

I hope you enjoyed! xxx