Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Blardy Hiccups......

Hi folks, just thought I'd tell you that I've had the hiccups for and hour and a half on and off today. I have them back again now hic ......cup, I've tried holding my breath drinking water, and still can't get rid of them. I've even re-read the water bill to give me a shock :o), but that hasn't worked either. I think I'll be hiccupping in my sleep.

Sorry I haven't been leaving too many comments the past few days. I've just got a lot to do at the moment and just feeling generally yuk. You know the normal being too fat and the house getting on top of you sort of yuk. I did make myself go on a long walk with the dog today to the local country park and we both enjoyed it. I just need to make myself do this everyday, I soooooo need the exercise. Feeling a bit pooped now, so off to make hubbys sarnies then off to bed. Night Night. xxx


bekimarie said...


Did it work? 'hehe'

Try drinking from a glass backwards, normally works for me!

Take care
Beki xxx

madmummy said...

Sorry that you're not feeling great at the mo. BIG hug from me to you x
xxx Steph

Taz said...

Oh no I hope your hiccups have gone by now. Him indoors swears by a spoon full of sugar, apparently some wifey told him that one in a take away once ;)
I know how you're feeling and you're not alone. But the sun is coming and brighter days will be here soon ((hugs))

Flossie and Tom said...

apparently you have to eat a teaspoon of vinegar - my friend regularly gets hiccups and she swears by it !!

At least you must be "thriving" lol


Jayne said...

My Nan had a rather strange remedy for hiccups - a teaspoon of sugar soaked in vinegar. Even more strange is the fact I used to like the taste!

Jayne xx

lou said...

You are not alone; I think most of us go through that feeling fat stage!
I’m sure you are beautiful as you are…love Lou xxx

Hollypop's said...

Hope the hiccups have gone now. We all have times like that, feeling YUK, hopefully you be back to normal soon.
Take care.

thesnailgarden said...

I hate hiccups, but luckily the "blocking ears and nose whilst drinking a glass of water" technique always works for me. I've got the "normal feeling too fat and house" issue at the moment as well. I think it's that time of year when we are more than ready for summer. I've put on a few pounds over the winter and have just booked a holiday. Diet time I think, only I don't do diets! Help! Pj x

MollyandIzzie said...

Oh dear - i do hope your hiccup free this morning?!
x x x

vintage girl said...

How awful! they are really annoying when they won't go away!

thriftymrs said...

I hope you're hiccup free you poor thing.



Tillybud said...

Weird thing - I hiccup three times and that's it. No consolation to you I admit ;) Hope you are feeling better today. I know the feeling.

MelMel said...

Hi hun!
hope the hinkypunks(thats what we call them...don't know why...:>))))
have gone now.....:>)

That kind of yuk is horrid...hope it passes soon...



Sarah said...

Have they gone yet!?


Elaine said...

BOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did it work???

Hurry back to SCC, we miss your posts.
Love and blessings

MelMel said...

How are you today?

I've just been playing with the buttons, showing Olly...bless us!

Have a super weekend hunni!xxxxx

mrsscrump said...

Hope the hiccups have gone, and hope you're feeling better. Have a good week. Lucy x

Vintage Kitten said...

Are you still hiccuping? X

skippinginthemeadow said...

Yes, drinking from the other side of the glass does usualy work.
I've just been catching up with your lovely blog. Am going to put you on my list this time, as I had to look through all my comments to find you again.
Very much hope you are feeling better soon.
Before I go, I though I'd let you know that there is still time to enter my Spring/Easter giveaway (about 4 posts down on my blog) if you want to. It doesn't close until midnight tomorrow (wednesday)
take care sweetie
warm hugs

Bovey Belle said...

Hiccups - something with breathing in and out into a brown paper bag comes to mind . . . Glad you weren't hiccuping in your sleep anyway!

Love the new bedding - very pretty and excellent value too. I like pretty bedding in nice colours. My late m-in-law liked everything beige or browny and you've no idea how DULL that looks in a bedroom . . .