Thursday, 2 April 2009

Tilda and Spuds.................

As you probably all know by now, I'm in love with all the Tilda books by Tone Finnanger, and spend hours just flicking through the pages and planning my next project. My favourite has to be Crafting Springtime Gifts, it has the most delicious patterns in its pages. Well some time ago now, I pre-ordered my copy of the next Tilda book, and Amazon have recently added a picture of the cover to their site just to tease me even more. Here it is, I cannot wait until its released in July, I have even contemplated ordering the danish version just so I can have it now and look at the pics. But that really would be silly wouldn't it? I wouldn't be able to read the instructions! Anyway Thankfully I did talk myself out of that stupid idea and will just have to be patient, which is something I don't do well.

I've had a play around designing my own pattern today, not sure if it will turn out, so I'll leave you with that at the moment. If I do get around to making it up, and its OK I'll show you all some pics.

Now on a completely different subject, my kitchen is doing my head in..........We need a new one and there just isn't enough storage. I'm so fed up with things falling out of the cupboard on me. Granted it does need a sort out and tidy up but it is still inadequate. OK rant over. Anyhow I wanted to ask you folks something regarding kitchen storage. Where do you keep your potatoes? I can never seem to find the perfect place, I always keep baby potatoes in the fridge but what about the biggins? I don't have room for a veg rack. Any ideas will be gratefully received.

I'd like to thank all you lovely ladies for leaving such wonderful comments about the goose I made, it means so much to me. I've met so many lovely talented people through blogging it cheers me up no end to check out all your blogs, join in swaps, leave comments and share ideas. In fact I'm off to some blogging now. ((((((((Big hugs))))))))


Pixie xxxxxxxxxxx


vintage girl said...

I've pre-ordered the book as well, and love the tilda books. Although my makes are no where near as good as yours! I can't wait to see your new project I'm sure it is as good as always! Thanks for organising the swap I thorougly enjoyed doing it! Lisaxxx

Lucy said...

Oh I love her books too! I've got the sew pretty homestyle and the christmas one - both eye poppingly gorgeous. Having read your post I've added the new one to my wish list too! Cheers! Lucy x

MaryPoppins said...

Ohooo you are so clever, I adore the goose, so special :)

Are you enjoying your lovely Amelia Mr. T special Duvet Cover, My DH got me the same one for Mother's Day, its lovely isn't it, even he likes it, shhh don't tell him I told you that ;)

Love and Hugs


bex said...

ermmm potatoes, we keep all of ours in the fridge but we take them out of any bags coz they get all dewy/sweaty. but my mum keeps them under the sink. (hehehe i just read back what i typed and it seems funny!)

lou said...

Wow, your Goose is fab and sooooooooooo cute!
I keep all my potatoes in the fridge!
I am off too check out that book now, have a lovely weekend!
Love Lou xxx

MelMel said...

Hi hun!

Coo...I've been busy, not dressed yet tho....still wandering about in my dressing gown.....anyway I've finished my new Door curtain....its VERY bright and cheerful!LOL!!!!

Its made of big patchwork pieces!

Ok....breakfast now...methinks!xxx

Lace hearts said...

The Tilda books are fab, aren't they. The new one does look good, but yes, I would calm yourself. Danish may be rather difficult to understand, LOL.
Potatoes... we keep in a basket in an open fronted shelf thing we got from IKEA. We keep place mats in a basket above them.

Elaine said...

Thanks for the sneaky peek at the new book.
I've left you a message over on SC.

Love and blessings

charlie said...

I keep my potetos in the cupboard under the sink, next to the bottled water and juice cartons. All the cleaning stuff is on top of the cupboards so that little sticky hands cant reach it! I must checlk out those books you mentioned..

Josie-Mary said...

It would be silly to order a book you couldn't read!!! July will be here soon :)
I keep my potatoes in a veg rack in a cloth bag to make them last longer :) x

bekimarie said...

Hi Hunni

Just wanted to 'Thank you' for arranging the swap. It's been good fun and I received such beautiful gifts from your lovey SIL.
I have the same problem as you with my kitchen.... no storage so if you get any good ideas, send them my way.
Rich treated me to the Mr Tesco duvet cover, I wouldn't of seen it if it wasn't for you so 'Thank you' again.
Have a great weekend!
Beki xxx

Country Bliss said...

I can't wait for the book either but I thought it was out in June that means I have an extra month to wait!
I keep my potatoes in a canvas potato bag, they last longer in the dark.
Yvonne x

thesnailgarden said...

I love your goose, you are very talented.
I keep my potatoes in a sack in the garage - anywhere frost-proof is fine.

Happy Easter, Pj x

hippymummy said...

being an untalented so and so i'd never seen any of these books, you've made me curious now though! As for spuds, i bought vegetable storage bags from betterware, they do veg ones and potato ones too, they're reasonably priced. I keep them in the backspot where it's cool and never gets too bright. works for us anyway! xXx