Sunday, 5 April 2009

Bootsales, Kettles and Cats.......

Hello Folks. I thought I'd start by showing you a few pics I took in the dining room the other day. The sun was streaming through the window and it looked so warm and pretty in there. Here's the Dafs and Pussy Willow on our Dining Table.

And a pic of the cupboard with my Little Tesco Easter Tree on.
Today myself and My Sil, Tina from Teeny Bears, had a pitch at the local car boot sale, so it was a very early start, up at 5 and there by 6. I've got so much stuff to shift but people just want you to give it away, for example one man, was looking at a brand new in box set of shelves for the shower which I was asking £1.50 for, he then proceeded to knock me down to 50p and then wanted to know if you'd have to drill a hole in the wall to put them up, only he doesn't want to be drilling holes. DOH what do you bloody think, AAARRRGGG, Tina said perhaps he wants us to go to his house and put them up for him, and probably charge us for the Privilege.
We were only asking 50p and £1.00 for stuff. The most I made on one item was £3. So a grand total today of £31 profit, was it worth it?

I did pick this pair of vintage wool blankets up for £2, if nothing else they will do for camping or dog blankets.

Mum bought me this lovely goose plate in the charity shop Saturday, very Easterish I thought.

And here's a pic of my new camping kettle. I had to be different and have a pink one. I'm really looking forward to the camping trip in May. We even have a new tent.

Last but not least is a couple of pics of Phoebe all snuggled on our bed.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine.
Pixie xxxx


Shabby Chick said...

Awww Phoebe looks snuggly! Hope the car boot sale wasn't too depressing, some people really do want something for nothing. Your prices sound great, some people charge ridiculous amounts for things which are so not worth it. Love the pussywillow, looks gorgeous.

Mel xxx

Josie-Mary said...

Hehehe that made me laugh about the man & the shelves... tell me about it I have to deal with people like that all day!!! I think he did want you to put them up.. well he did pay 50p!!
Lovely pussy cat... glad someone else has the problem of cats in the bed, Nanny aways goes inside after I've put clean sheets on :( x

Simone said...

There is a lovely golden glow in your house. People are a bit tight at boot sales aren't they? They probably get it from you for next to nothing then put it on ebay!!! Your cat looks very settled, snuggled into the bed and cushions.

bekimarie said...

Simones comment just made me laugh because I had a friend who I passed a load of Jess' baby stuff and toys to years ago and she sold it all at carboots.
Your cat looks lovely and cozy...bless!
Take care
Beki xxx

bekimarie said...

That is exactly what I was going to use it for, great minds!
I have all the kids baby bits and stuff from when I was young in a crappy storage box so was going to transfer it all over.
I love your idea of a memory quilt. I started making Jack a cushion a while back with his baby clothes and haven't got round to finishing it, I love the idea of adding on Jess and Bens bits. Thank you!
Beki xxx

Rubys mamma x said...

Hi hun, good on you for getting up and out-its hard isnt it! Girls were at daddys last night so Mr P had a lovely evening and a lovely 'pleased to see you too' lie in!! Lol.Although mym said the bootsale was grrreat today so annoyed i missed it in a way but you cant win em' all i spose.
We've got a 90 and i drive it loads, although the clutch is completely shot-making it roughly ten times harder to drive than it should be! Generally i love it-its not practical for me as there's only room for one child seat but drive wise its small enough to park easily but big enough to chuck all sorts of junk in with room to spare, i love it for zipping through rough fields when i take Mr P his lunch too, very robust!
Hope that helps,
love k xxxx

Flossie and Tom said...

We gave up doing bootsales - I think the final straw was when I asked 20p for a pair of Miss Ts tiny shoes and the lady said there was a mark so couldnt she just have them ???

When I said no - she said that ok she would pay the 20p - no thanks I said - theyve just gone up to 4 quid !!


Blueberry Heart said...

those photos look so warm with the sunlight streaming in!
Thanks for the Tilda tip - I'll be checking that out for sure!
Just realised your lambs are Tilda! 've admired them for ages too!
BH x

bex said...

oh!! what an silly man, we get people like that come into the cinema...the prices are stupidly expensive at work, i know, but one man was complaining so i told him next time to sneak it in his coat pocket and he looked even more insulted!! i was just trying to help!!!
the daffs look lovely!

lou said...

I love your pictures of the flowers on your table!
We did a car boot sale once, it is so funny that people try and knock you down when it is only 1 pond too start with, some people really do take the **** .
As for the shops if you click on the link for Gilbert White’s house that is where the shops are, it has got directions how to get there, the shops have got some really sweet things in them; I think we might go back on Friday.
One of the shops has got a lot of handmade bits in there, as I said in the post some of it is not cheap but I suppose it is all handmade.
I liked a wool chicken in one of the shops he was nine pounds I think, so I am making one now!
Have a lovely week Pixie, love Lou xxxx

vintage girl said...

Love the daffodills and pussywillow looks so pretty in your lovely dining room. It beggars belief how some people behave at car boots they seem to be totally ignorant! Lisaxxx

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I love all the photo's but particularly the gorgeous on at the top and your sweet little Pheobe.
Hope you have a wonderful Sunshiney week xx

Lynsey said...

oh i know what you mean, some people are extremely cheeky, wanting something for virtually nothing...i mean...50p, gosh, extremely cheap!!!


solsticedreamer~laoi gaul~williams said...

ohh i love blankets so much! i have a pale green/blue satin edged vintage one i found down the local tip shop! i bought that, a 1920's side table and bag of compost for £5!
i have not heard of the new park camp~where do i find info? its only five minutes from me!

Vintage Tea said...

That kettle is FAB!!!

Victoria xx

Thecraftytrundler said...

Whizzing out at the moment - to post the Easter parcel to you !! Hope it arrives with you OK.

Hugs & take care : )

Sharon xxx

Kim McBirnie said...

I love that first photo with the sun slanting inthrough the window, it's beautiful. I've never tried a car boot, I think I'd get too mad at cheaky people trying to talk you down when it's cheap to start with!
Kim xx