Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday A Day Of Rest

Found this on FB the other day, so true! Well I did get the laundry done, eBay listings for Hubby, done. The rest of the house, not a chance. I've been feeling poorly all week and felt worse Fri/Sat, thankfully this eve I'm starting to feel better. Just in time to go back to work tomorrow :o(. Need to get some housework done after work tomorrow though as I have a social worker coming to see me, as I'm a reference for a friend who's adopting. Wonder what she'll ask me? I'm a bit nervous.

Hubby's promised me that he will make a start on the bookcases for the spare room this week, so I can move all my books from the lounge in preparation for Operation Lounge Transformation :o)

This pic above courtesy of Pinterest, is what we're aiming for in the lounge. I've already saved money for a fireplace and as DH's is a joiner he's going to make all the units to fit. I've roughly designed on a piece of paper, a coffee table and sideboard so with his skills the furniture should look great and not cost too much. Unfortunately the same can't be said for the rest of the room. Flooring, plastering, sofa's etc. I did win £10 on the lotto this week though so that can go towards it lol, baby steps.

Hope everyone's had a good weekend and enjoyed the snow. Off to satisfy my Pinterest craving now. Keep warm folks TTFN.


Jay said...

I love the picture of what you're aiming for, good luck!

Yarrow said...

OMG Pixie!!! I couldn't believe my eyes when your post popped up on my blog :D I've missed you so much. Glad you're back to

Thecraftytrundler said...

Hope you're getting on well with your transformations!! It will be lovely when it's done : )

Have a lovely week x

Sharon xx

Callies Cottage said...

I love your witches sign,where do you sell them?...x