Thursday, 23 April 2009

Nipping In........


Just a quickie to say Hi! I've been a bad blogger of late, No excuse just been busy, busy, busy. Not to mention the nice weather, so its too nice to be in on the pooter. I'm behind with swaps and haven't been visiting either. (Naughty Pixie)

I'm off camping with friends next Friday for a few days, but leaving hubby at home. So I'm busy preparing for that, and we've bought a ''new to us'' car, which we pick up at the weekend, so very excited about that.

Hope everyones enjoying the sunshine, be back soon. xxx

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The Weekend......

Firstly, sorry for not being about the past couple of days, I don't know where the time has gone. It's flown by in a mass of dinners and car boot sales. Whilst I was out taking my mum shopping on Saturday the posty left this gorgeous looking box.
It was my Easter/Spring swap from from Ruby's Mama! Want to see what's inside...........

Lots of prettily wrapped parcels and chicks..........................

And this little stash, a choccy bunny, ceramic heart button, Easter decoration, tissues, ice cream lip balm, cup cake coasters, pot of marmalade, a tiny little glass chick, a great stitches book and a gorgeous hand made necklace.

My pic doesn't do it justice, its so pretty, all those scrummy glass beads.
Thanks so much Kirsty. xxxxx


I hope everyone enjoyed the swap and you have all received your swap parcels now. I may host another swap in the summer, as I enjoyed it so much!

Mum and Dad came over for dinner on Sunday, and gave me this huge bunch of flowers. So many they had to go in two vases. Mum said they were a Thank you for all the shopping trips I take her on, as she's been unable to drive for over a year. Thanks mum and Dad. x

I love the Lillie's!
We had a nice roast dinner followed by fruit flan and custard, and a couple of glasses of cava. They didn't stay too late as we were all tired. I was up at 4.30 on Sunday to do another car booty with my SIL and brother. The weather was a bit of a let down though. The weather man lied, he said it was going to be sunny and maybe showers in the afternoon grrrrr. SIL went home early, but we stuck it out until about 11.30. My brother did well selling old fishing gear and I made another £32. At the end I was even giving stuff away and still couldn't shift it all. Not many good bargains to be had either. I got a couple of lamp bases for 50p each and a nice gift boxed country living coffee pot, will put a pic of that on here another time.

My friend Marie came over for a cuppa Monday, and ended up coming back for dinner too. We did a roast between us which was scrummy. Her daughter came too, and later on a friend came for some drinks. We ate more! including polishing off the batch of iced buns I'd made earlier, and had a play with my Tarot Cards.
The CK jug and keyring were an Easter Pressie from Marie. I was so chuffed. She also got me a cream egg and hubby lots of Easter eggs. Thanks Hun!

The keyring matches my handbag :o).
So all in all a very busy weekend. I need to get cracking now with a swap, that I'm taking part in hosted by Silkie Sue, and a spring swap to do on the SC forum. Busy busy busy.
Have a nice evening folks.
Pixie xxx
PS:- My mother in law gave me these bantum eggs last night, they are so small and sweet I just had to post a pic. xxx

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Some me time.......

I've made quite a lot of late, but it's all flown off to lovely new owners in the form of swaps and giveaways. So as I had a day off on Thursday, I decided I'd made something for me to keep. I wore sloppy joes all day not a scrap of makeup and ignored the looming housework, got out my sewing machine and created these.
I made myself a little Easter Hare in pretty spring colours. I think I will call her sunny, ''Sunny the Hare''.

After making my spring swaps, I wanted to make myself a Hare in a pot too.

I've spent a few hours in the kitchen today, made a shepherds pie for my in laws and a batch of scrummy lemon curd, and some cornflake cakes. I'm doing another car bootsale tomorrow, so will be up very early, must be bloody mad! Then tomorrow evening we've got mum and dad over for dinner. So a busy day tomorrow.

I've had a terrific lot of post this week, I just can't believe it really. Look what came in the post for me today.

A gorgeous gift from Madmummy. I really wasn't expecting this so was a lovely surprise. The place mat and heart are all scrumdidlyumpscious in this pretty Easter fabric.
As I'm writing this post I'm watching Britain's got talent. It's bloomin good too, laughing my head off here.
Have a lovely weekend and fantastic Easter.
Pixie. xxx

Faerie Nuff's Easter/Spring time swap......

Hello folks! Hope your having a nice Easter weekend so far. I thought I'd show you what I sent to my Easter swap partners, now that I know their parcels arrived safely.
This swap parcel was for Ruby's Mama........

And this swap parcel was for the Crafty Trundler...........

I'm so glad you liked what I sent ladies. Its the first time I've made Hare's in pots, but I was really pleased with how they turned out; so much so I made myself one on Thursday. You will probably notice that one Hare is bigger than the other. Its nothing personal. I made the lemon one first and thought I'd be able to get another pot the same but couldn't so I had to get a bigger pot, for the pink one. The one I made myself has a totally different shaped pot as I couldn't get a similar pot to either of these.
I hope everyone enjoyed the swap and got something nice. I've still got a swap to look forward to next week so very excited!
I have been busy crafting and making stuff in the kitchen, so will try and do a post later to show you what I've been up to once the camera has charged.

Pixie xxxx

Thursday, 9 April 2009

On First Name Terms With The Posty......

A comment made by Josie-Mary made me laugh yesterday. She said ''you must be on first name terms with you posty'' well yes...... he does know me and woody quite well now! Woody always gets a pat on the head when we open the door. Today another parcel arrived, its been a good week for post. This parcel was a spring swap from the Shabby Chic Forum. It's from Yvonne at Country Bliss, and look what lovely goodies she sent me.

How cute are these................

This is very pretty, and will great on my jacket.........

Hello chook!

These little stick on chics look good on the enamel jug for the Easter Tree.

There were three of these little cuties which were quickly added to the tree and look very pretty.

A pretty hand made card.

I thought these little crochet bunny flowers looked really sweet in this jug.

some adorable mini bunting in very spring colours.

I've been truly spoiled this week. Thanks so much Yvonne.

I'll leave you with a pic of the flowers I got from the reduced bucket at Tesco's Tuesday.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Easter, Spring Swap

When I got back from work today, look what was waiting for me.................
Very prettily wrapped.(OOPS forgot to flip this pic, but you get the idea)

Look at the lovely goodies inside............

This patchwork notebook is very pretty, just need to plan what to use it for now. I may use it for craft ideas, what do you think?

A lovely makeup bag.

An adorable chick egg cosy. AWWWWW.

This baby bunny on a lolly................

And a pretty hand painted Easter Card and some chocolate eggs.
A BIG Thank you to The Crafty Trundler for my gorgeous swap parcel. I've enjoyed this swap loads, and I still have one swap to arrive, so even more excitement to come. I can't wait for my swap partners to receive theirs.
And now just a few pics. Some pretty flowers in my dining room....

More of my Easter Tree. I love the light in this one.

Have a lovely evening.
((((hugs)))) Pixie xxx