Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Meet Beau, Our new little addition to the family

Hi folks, I thought you'd all like to meet our new little addition to the family. This is Beau and he's an 8 week old English Springer Spaniel. We picked him up on Saturday and I'm already completely smitten with him.
He's already into everything and is a proper little wiggle worm with needle sharp teeth. I'm training him to not bite us at the moment and he's already improved loads, he's also sitting and is getting better with toilet training. Obviously we've had a few accidents, but its only to be expected he's learning fast.

Woody has been really good with him, we've had a few grumbles but nothing too bad, he's been trying to get Beau to play with him and its lovely to watch.

We did intend to get a girl, but when we went to visit the puppies she was sooooo timid and hid the whole time. Whereas Beau bounded straight up to us and was all cuddles and licks and loved both of us from the start. He's proving to be a really confident pup, and wasn't even scared of the car ride home.

We're just hoping now that Woody and Beau continue to get along. We will have Beau neutered as soon as he's old enough so he doesn't become too dominant.

I love this pic, both my boys are sound asleep. Woody had a fur cut yesterday though so is not looking like a woolly mammoth anymore.
So I've been a bit busy since Saturday, and I'm absolutely shattered. Next week will be hard when its back to work, they won't be left too long though as I work part time. I'd still rather be home with the dogs though ;o(. It was our wedding anniversary yesterday, but instead of going out we stayed home with the pup, but didn't mind in the slightest he's a little sweetheart.
Pixie xxxx

Monday, 14 September 2009

Birthdays and Bear Fairs

Hi folks, its been a busy week here. Firstly I'm back to work now as the schools are back, so that always takes a bit of adjusting too. It was my birthday Wednesday, and had a pretty ordinary day but got some nice little pressies and was made a fuss of, which is always nice. I've put some pics of my pressies further down. I even had a bunch of flowers from hubby, which is the first time in 11 years, so was pretty shocked, but was chuffed to bits.
Yesterday my SIL and I went to Kensington for the hugglets bear fair. As you all probably know my SIL makes the most gorgeous bears and can be found here and here. We had a stall in the basement, which we actually quite like coz its nearer the loo's ;o). We had the best day, in fact she's never sold so many bears in one fair before and had lots of orders it was great, and sooooo busy all day. She only had two cupcake bears left, all the other cupcakes were snapped up. Sorry the pics aren't great forgot my camera so took these on my phone (birthday present from hubby ;o)

I'm all inspired to start creating now, so may delve into my craft box this week and start making again. Especially with Christmas around the corner (sorry i said the C word!)

Here's my birthday pressies. (I got lots of chocs and wine .... ;o)

Flowers from Hubby

Sunflowers from my friends Marie and Tracy.
See you soon!! .....Pixie xxxxx

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Autumns in the air......

It seems an awful long time since I did a blog post, even hubby commented on the fact that it's about time I did one, so here I am. I'm sitting in waiting for the postman, don't you just hate waiting for a parcel, I bet that I've waited in all day and it either doesn't turn up, or it'll turn up at stoopid o clock, or the door will knock just I decide to go to the loo. AARRRGGGG.

I've decided this week that autumns definitely upon us, i can feel that chill in the air, the leaves have just started to change colour, the blackberries are ready for picking, in fact they seem very early this year, or is that just my imagination? The elderberries were gone before i had time to blink, so unfortunately no pontack making for me this year :o(.
I haven't done much in the way of baking and crafting for ages, I think that's a seasonal thing with me too. But this week I felt the urge, so yesterday I made a lovely Beef and Ale stew with herby dumplings which was delicious, if i do say so myself :o). And today I made a batch of Iced buns yummmy, hubby will be pleased when he gets home from work this evening. I'm itching to have a go at making a kentish cobnut cake after seeing the hairy bikers make it on the beeb yesterday, it looks lush. They served it with an apple compote and whipped cream :o).
I have been drooling over the new CK catalogue of late too. I purchased the folk flowers messenger bag a few weeks ago which I love, and I've got my eye on the matching umbrella and purse, as well as other numerous items, like you do :o). Its my birthday next week, so you never know what the birthday fairy may bring. ;o)
I'm off to clean the kitchen floor now :o(, then i may lose myself in a book for a bit, before going to get my hair highlighted later.

OOOHHH I almost forgot........ A big thank you to Suzie from itch2stitch for this pretty little award, it's so cute I love it.
Have a great afternoon folks
(((((hugs))))) Pixie xxxx