Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Autumns in the air......

It seems an awful long time since I did a blog post, even hubby commented on the fact that it's about time I did one, so here I am. I'm sitting in waiting for the postman, don't you just hate waiting for a parcel, I bet that I've waited in all day and it either doesn't turn up, or it'll turn up at stoopid o clock, or the door will knock just I decide to go to the loo. AARRRGGGG.

I've decided this week that autumns definitely upon us, i can feel that chill in the air, the leaves have just started to change colour, the blackberries are ready for picking, in fact they seem very early this year, or is that just my imagination? The elderberries were gone before i had time to blink, so unfortunately no pontack making for me this year :o(.
I haven't done much in the way of baking and crafting for ages, I think that's a seasonal thing with me too. But this week I felt the urge, so yesterday I made a lovely Beef and Ale stew with herby dumplings which was delicious, if i do say so myself :o). And today I made a batch of Iced buns yummmy, hubby will be pleased when he gets home from work this evening. I'm itching to have a go at making a kentish cobnut cake after seeing the hairy bikers make it on the beeb yesterday, it looks lush. They served it with an apple compote and whipped cream :o).
I have been drooling over the new CK catalogue of late too. I purchased the folk flowers messenger bag a few weeks ago which I love, and I've got my eye on the matching umbrella and purse, as well as other numerous items, like you do :o). Its my birthday next week, so you never know what the birthday fairy may bring. ;o)
I'm off to clean the kitchen floor now :o(, then i may lose myself in a book for a bit, before going to get my hair highlighted later.

OOOHHH I almost forgot........ A big thank you to Suzie from itch2stitch for this pretty little award, it's so cute I love it.
Have a great afternoon folks
(((((hugs))))) Pixie xxxx

13 comments: said...

Those iced buns look delish! Love the teapot too! Thank you so much for you lovely thanks, and for following me :) Suzie xxx

Josie-Mary said...

Hello, nice to hear from you. Those buns look lovely. I haven't recieved my CK catalogue yet, which may be a good thing :) x

Isobel said...

Hi Pixie,

Your iced bums make me hungry, lol , and I share with you the waiting parcel thing. It is terrible when we wait and wait and nothing.
I am loving the CK catalogue as well. All so desirable!!
Hope you have a lovely afternoon.

claire said...

Long time no see.
Can't wait for my red bag to come, my blue rose one has been the best bag ever, so worth the money.
Loving the tea cosy, looks great xx

Pomona said...

I really fancy those iced buns - with a nice cup of tea! Great to discover your blog - just skipped over from MelMel.

Pomona x

lou said...

About time too, you must be a part time blogger now!!! ;0)

If only I could my hands on those iced buns!

Just in case you don’t do another post for awhile…have a fab birthday next week.

Love Lou xxx

MelMel said...

Cor, them buns look so yummy!

I love how its all arranged, so prettily!

Enjoy the pampering session....X

sharie said...

Iced buns? Scrummy delicious :-)

well done of getting the cute award.

karen said...

Hiya hunni
Just trying to catch up with everyone. It's so easy to fall out of the loop isn't it.

Those iced bun's look yummy Did you save one for me ???

We've got tonnes of blackberrys growing over our garden wall Hubby's alreaddy hed his jam making kit out. Mmmmmmmmmm I feel a blackberry and apple pie comming on.
Anyway Hope you are well and I'll pop over agin soon

Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

I'm so excited Autumn is almost upon us, I adore the latter half of the year.
Those buns look delicious!
Lovely blog, I look forward to reading more.

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Pixie, lovley to hear from you again. I agree that autumn is definitely creeping in. Sadly the summer holidays are nearly over, but the colder weather means more time spent indoors crafting. Best wishes for your birthday, Pj x

Thecraftytrundler said...

Great to see you back again! You have made me feel really hungry!!
I have been collecting windfall apples from my garden, and there will be an apple, and an apple & raspberry crumble in the oven soon!!
Hope you've had, ( or will have )a great birthday!!

Enjoy your week : )

Sharon xx

Yarrow said...

Hello Pixie, good to see you still blogging, I've missed your posts, but know how hectic life can get :)