Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday A Day Of Rest

Found this on FB the other day, so true! Well I did get the laundry done, eBay listings for Hubby, done. The rest of the house, not a chance. I've been feeling poorly all week and felt worse Fri/Sat, thankfully this eve I'm starting to feel better. Just in time to go back to work tomorrow :o(. Need to get some housework done after work tomorrow though as I have a social worker coming to see me, as I'm a reference for a friend who's adopting. Wonder what she'll ask me? I'm a bit nervous.

Hubby's promised me that he will make a start on the bookcases for the spare room this week, so I can move all my books from the lounge in preparation for Operation Lounge Transformation :o)

This pic above courtesy of Pinterest, is what we're aiming for in the lounge. I've already saved money for a fireplace and as DH's is a joiner he's going to make all the units to fit. I've roughly designed on a piece of paper, a coffee table and sideboard so with his skills the furniture should look great and not cost too much. Unfortunately the same can't be said for the rest of the room. Flooring, plastering, sofa's etc. I did win £10 on the lotto this week though so that can go towards it lol, baby steps.

Hope everyone's had a good weekend and enjoyed the snow. Off to satisfy my Pinterest craving now. Keep warm folks TTFN.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

It's been a loooonnnnggggg while......

Its been a while........... well nearly 2 years to the day; but I've been feeling the urge to return to blogging for a while now, I hope you'll have me back? I've been having a look around blogland this week and I'm very pleased to see some of my old favourite blogs are still going strong, but sadly a lot are no longer around :o(

It's been a task just to get this first post done. Blogger has changed so much since I last blogged, and I'm not particularly technically minded lol. Having a hum dinger of a head cold isn't helping my concentration levels either :o(

 I managed to find a little energy earlier to prepare a beef stew for the stock pot and rustled up a yummy apple and almond cake, in my new highly prised possession ''my kitchenaid''. I've been hankering after one of these babies for years. I've been saving hard and with a little help from some Xmas money and the Jan sales managed to purchase the one I wanted in this gorgeous Ice Blue colour.
 Quite pleased with how the cake turned out and it has hubby's seal of approval. My taste buds are shot to pieces due to this cold so the jury's out for now, but I'll take hubby's word for it :o)
I'm not sure what direction my blog will go in this year yet. I've updated the background and sidebar a bit and will hopefully start to add some new pics to it when I can. I'm still crafting but its taken a different route over the past two years. I've turned my hand to painting wooden signs which I sell on eBay and concentrate on mainly Halloween and witchy type items. They seem to do well so I'm going to continue with them this year, and hopefully come up with some new ideas. 2013 is hopefully the year we finally get to decorate our lounge (on a budget), after 14 years in this house it needs doing badly!!!  I will blog our progress and pop some pics up as and when. This year is also going to evolve some belt tightening, so I'm going to try and be organised, meal plan and get crafty in the kitchen. Well try anyway LOL.

I hope to be able to re-acquaint with old blogging buddies and meet some new ones. I hope you'll join me on my 2013 journey.