Wednesday, 11 March 2009

An Award......

I've recently received this award from Leanne at I believe in Fairytales. Thanks so much Leanne, you really cheered me up. :o)

I have to pass it on to seven other blogs, and tell you seven things I love. So here goes......

1. I love my Husband
2. I love my animals
3. I love to bake cakes
4. I love to craft and sew
5. I love Cath Kidston and Vintage stuff
6. I'd love to be slim
7. I Love visiting Glastonbury

I'd like to pass this award to.........

Beki Marie
Mel Mel
The Crafty Trundler
Ruby's Mama
Vintage Girl


MelMel said...

Thank you hunni!xxx

bekimarie said...

Thank you hun, you've made my evening.
I now have a big cheesey grin on my face!
Beki xxx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on winning the the award xx
You Love a much the same kind of things I Love :o)
Warm blessings

Rubys mamma x said...

Ah thanks sweet! Sooo looking fwd to the easter swap too! xxx

vintage girl said...

Thank you so much my 1st award, it means a lot. Lisaxxx

Hollypop's said...

Thanks you're a sweety, will get on to this one soon.
Take care

MelMel said...

Hi there, thank you Pixie....such lovely comments you leave me!

Just telling someone today how much I love the rabbit you made for the last swap!

I'm looking forward to this one too.....really enjoyed making my things for it!xxxx

saraeden said...

Just to let you know you are the winner of my bloggy giveaway ... yay well done you !!

Can you let me know your address , my email addy is in my profile .

Sara x

Jayne said...

I have an award over at my blog if you wish to accept it.

Love Jayne xxxx

MaryPoppins said...

Ohooo have seen your iced bun photograph, I have such a sweet tooth and looking at them is making me hungry :)

Well done on your award, well deserved. Thanks for the encouragment on the patchwork, have now cut 99 5 inch squares from DDs dresses, nearly ready to sew the strips together, brilliant tutorial on the SC Cafe, so that is helping me squillions


Lucy said...

Congratulations Pixie, love your blog. Lucy xx

Beaky said...

Congrats, great blog! I loved the gingerbread man and so did Lucas. He is hanging on the back of my frontdoor.
B x

Vintage Kitten said...

Congratulations Pixie, your blog is lovely to visit X