Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Simply remember your favourite things.......

This is my lovely Goddess that I purchased in Glastonbury some years ago. I had to save up for this one!
My books. I would be lost without my beautiful books. I don't mind lending them to good friends, provided they come back the same way they went out. (Can you spot my Stonewylde books?) I have more books than this, they're my one weakness!

My Goddess Necklace. I wear this most days, but now and then swap with my Chalice Well Pendant.
My Wedding ring, that I had made. I wanted something different, and this was very LOTR inspired.
Nightfall by Norman Parker. I bought this with birthday money I had last year. It hangs on my bedroom wall. So I can wake up to Glastonbury each day.


Leanne said...

i have a goddess necklace, with amethyst, i wear most days too pixiedust! Love your goddess figurine btw!

Leanne x

solsticedreamer said...

lovely! All of it!!!
I also spotted Harry Potter as well!
I have a pewter 'green' goddess necklace i wear every day that i bought when i was last in california. i also have a pewter moon goddess i keep in the camper

Sharon J said...

Your wedding ring is absolutely amazing - the most beautiful ring I've ever seen.

Pixiedust said...

Thanks Sharon. I absolutely love it. We did our wedding on a budget. The whole lot for £1800 including dress designed by me, and made for me, and bespoke ring made for me. If you shop around and plan, its amazing what you can get.

Alison said...

Yep books...my one weakness as well:-)
Glad your quest to save money is going well.I have got to the stage that looking at nice things is enough...I don't have to actually own them.
Take care,
Alison x

happyhippychick said...

What a stunning ring - absolutely beautiful

Love the Glastonbury picture too... It's one of my favourite places and I try to go whenever I visit my mum in Somerset - in fact last year I was wandering blissfully round there with my son when I got the phone call saying I had been offered a job, must have been a good sign as I have been here ever since and still think it is the best job I have ever had!

(Oddly I used to live in Hampshire as well!)

Pixiedust said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Hippy Chick, I always feel home in Glastonbury.

Alison I'm working on the just looking rather than buying. The new next catalogue was delivered yesterday, and I haven't even opened it!

Kim said...

Lovely favorite things :) I love your wedding ring and the painting is soooo magical. It's a nice idea to share your treasures with us. Maybe you could start a trend!

Kim x

miss*R said...

I love your Goddess statue! I cannot wait to get to Glastonbury.... and I think your ring is gorgeous.