Monday, 17 March 2008

Mondays Ramblings...

Well for the past two weeks, I've managed to shave £20 off the weekly shopping bill. I'm quite chuffed with myself. If i can keep this up that's saving £80 a month, that's what we were almost spending a week. I've been busy trying to cook a lot from scratch and only using the oven when I can fill it right up, saving on gas.

Looking forward to Ostara weekend, hopefully we can get some more decorating done, that's if hubby isn't playing down the shed on his landrover. Apparently we're waiting for a diesel pump to be delivered this week that he's bought on e-bay.

Happy St Patricks Day!


mrsnesbitt said...

I am a great batch cooking person, I find this saves us lots of dosh. About every 4 or 5 weeks I will have one whold day of cooking, things like fish pie, lasagne, cottage pie, lamb hotpot etc etc. I make them up in quite large casseroles then chill. Then, when chilled it is much easier to cut into ideal sized portions which I then label & freeze. Come 3pm I just take a meal out and pop it into bottom oven, I even do meal plans which I keep in the kitchen. It saves time, money and waste food.

Pixiedust said...

Thanks for the tips, Mrs Nesbit. xx