Sunday, 16 March 2008

A Poem I found.....

I found this poem whilst trawling the net, but loved it. It's a bit long though..

Jasmin's Birthday

Thank you for the party mum, my birthday was such fun, I know my friends will all come back when I have another one.

The cake you baked was special, I never would have thought mum, that a no-egg, no-milk, no-butter, chocolate-free, fat-free, sugar-free, date and pumpkin cake, would taste just like a bought one.

Pink icing made from Beetroot-coloured Tofu on the top, and beeswax smokeless candles, that you made at a workshop.

I'm glad you made the fairy bread, from organic, yeast free rye, and sprinkled it with poppy seeds, sesame and sunflower... to fortify.

The chickpea dip, falafal balls, the celery sticks with hummus, and what about the babaganouse, that was real adventurous.

Mum, i do appreciate all the hot food you prepared, from non-genetic-engineered soy, it shows you really care.

Like the not-dogs and not-sausage rolls, with not tomato sauce, and i loved the home-grown veggie pizza with soy cheese of course.

I'm forgetting the most fun part was the games we got to play, they took you ages to prepare, but they really made the day.

Like bob for locally-grown organic apples. bought from a neighbour down the street, and pin the tail on the dog (that had it cut off in a laboratory experiment) was really neat.

Sight-impaired person's bluff and the free range egg and spoon race, musical chairs played to Tony O'Connor and my favourite...tug of peace.

Pass the parcel wrapped with unbleached recycled paper, grown on the west side of a hill by a tree released from its vertical home to serve humanity by a group of land care volunteers who formed a circle around the tree, meditated and chanted for four days before placing it gently, back onto the earth from which it had first sprung as a sapling and from where its mother and father had gone on before to serve as recycled toilet paper and toothpicks respectively.

And instead of taking their prizes, mum, my friends and I agree that we'd donate to a charity for children who're in need.

And I'm glad you said 'no presents' , i really have so much, just you and dad as parents is birthday present enough.

My friends went home exhausted from all the fun they'd had. With their little calico bags full of gelatin-free sweets you made.

So thank you for the party mum, my birthday was such fun, i know I'll always remember it, the day that i turned ONE!

Arcadia Flynn


Bovey Belle said...

This rather tickled my (warped) sense of humour!

Pixiedust said...

Mine too!