Friday, 28 March 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away.....

I thought I'd put up a few pics of the bargain flowers I bought this week. They're very colourful and thought they would brighten up everyone's day. It's still bloomin raining here. Woody and I got a bit wet on our walk this morning, the little man looked like he'd had a perm. :o)

I've just discovered Etsy via blogging and it's great. Basically people put their handmade items up for sale on there, it's quite good. I found a lady in Yorkshire who makes the most amazing jumpers from recycled materials. They all have pixie hoods, which I love. Trouble is with postage will cost about £100, which i don't have at the moment sigh. I don't buy clothes very often, as trying them on depresses me and I come back feeling fatter than when i went. But this particular jumper was great. Worth slimming into if it didn't fit.
This is a pic of Woody with his Easter duck, it was only 99p and it quacks! He likes it anyway. He's just emptied the contents of his toy box all over the lounge floor. We have a pheasant, a frog, a puppy, and big fluffy ball, two tennis balls and his duck!
Think I might get in the kitchen in a minute and make a Victoria sponge and maybe some coconut macaroons. Got to cook hubby some dinner tonight, but I'm out with the girls for a meal as its T's birthday. But I might put a little bottle of wine in my handbag to save a few quid. :o)

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