Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Desperately Seeking Something...

Old Winchester Hill
I'm been feeling unsettled and in limbo at the moment. I've been unhappy in my job for a long while now and need a change. I've been hanging on in there, partly down to the fact that we are trying for a family, and if i left I'd lose my maternity pay. But in saying that i only work part time for a well known supermarket, so the pays rubbish anyway. Not to mention the fact that working for a supermarket is against my principles and I hate everything it stands for. I spent my whole shift yesterday planning my escape route. OK rant over, whats the solution?
Everything unfortunately seems to revolve around money, so here are my first baby steps to life improvement:-
  1. Get the weekly food bill down to £50 or less, there are only two of us and the animals and we waste far too much. First I need to make a shopping list and stick to it, and start planning meals, cooking more in one go and freezing it. (Already have an organic box)
  2. Don't buy anything unless it is an absolute necessity. My one weakness is books, but as i keep telling myself, that's what library's were invented for.
  3. Get planting, we don't have much space, but i can get on and get the basil and lettuce growing in the conservatory, with the pea's and beans to follow later on, and might have a go at courgettes or squashes in pots.
  4. Buy in bulk

If i can get the household outgoings down, I can find myself a job that I want to do, rather than something I can't stand. I want to do something that counts, instead of just muddling through. Any money saving ideas and green living tips would be welcome. I'll stop ranting now.

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