Saturday, 22 March 2008

Home Baking

Thanks to MrsL from 21st Century Housewife for the Lemon Curd recipe. I made it last night and it tastes great. It's a little bit runny, so I guessed I should have cooked it a bit longer. But it was my first attempt so i was quite chuffed.
I also made Easter nests, which didn't last very long once hubby discovered them. I have to admit that i did eat the left over mini eggs. : . )


Bovey Belle said...

I used to make these with my mum when I was little (not with the tiny Easter eggs though). You have just brought back some memories!

Bovey Belle said...

As for the Lemon Curd - it you keep cooking it slowly, it will thicken up. There is also orange curd, lemon and lime, even strawberry curd or gooseberry curd . . . It's a slippery slope!

Alison said...

yum! homemade lemon curd is sooo much better than the brought stuff.
we made some easter nests as well:-)
Take care
Alison x