Monday, 24 March 2008

A walk in the woods....

This morning hubby and I took woody for a walk in the Forest. It was very grey, overcast and cold, but the rain stayed away long enough for us to get him walked. Woody likes nothing better than a big stick or ball. We forgot to take his ball, so big stick it was.
I,m having fun playing with different settings on the camera since I've started blogging and took these two close ups of a primrose and Wood Anemones. Very seasonal pics methinks.

I think this stick is a bit too big, but Woody and his dad seem to be having fun with it anyway. Really feeling the urge today just to up sticks and move to the country. If only life was that simple. :o( To cheer myself up when we got home I put on my old tape of "its not easy being green" if I can't live in the country I'll watch people who are.

As part of our greener lifestyle I've ordered a kitchen caddy from Wiggly Wigglers ( for all the compostable scraps. I do try to put as much in the compost as possible, but when its persisting with rain it does sometimes end up in the bin. But no more! We're definitely on a mission that Dick Strawbridge would be proud of.


magicalmuse said...

Your dog sure had fun! And we compost with a little container outside our screen door but it doesn't get emptied as much as it should in the rain. Happy spring to you!

Anonymous said...

Funny I posted a picture of a Primrose a couple of days ago, they're lovely. My Mother has a Spanial too. Like your blog by the way :-)

Karen @ Wiggly Wigglers said...

Hi and thanks for the mention. Keep up the good composting work.


ps I have a dog with a stick obsession - why do they always pick the biggest ones they can find?!?

Moonroot said...

Love the pictures of Woody, we had a cocker spaniel called Nicky when I was a child.
I think your snowdrops are wood anemones, by the way!

Pixiedust said...

Thanks Moonroot, I'm not very good identifying wild flowers. A proper half wit(ch). x