Wednesday, 12 March 2008


I've had many attempts at a banana loaf, and they've always been stodgy and un-appetizing. Till Now. I had another go yesterday with thanks to my ''Good Housekeeping'' cookbook and a bit of tweaking from me, it turned out lovely. It got hubby's approval and is sitting in his packed lunch today. My first step towards the money saving plan.


Bovey Belle said...

I came across your link on my friend Leanne’s blog. I’m a Hampshire Hog too, so “Hi”. Can I just say that it is possible to change your life – sometimes you just have to take it by the throat and make things happen. I wish you well with your dream to move to Somerset. We moved from Dorset to Wales 20 years ago, to a smallholding (5 ½ acres). It was the best move we could have made, as our children (2 born here) had a wonderful area to grow up in, away from the pressures of an urban school. They have had freedom, and we have been able to give them time to be children. We grow a certain amount of veg – have a good sized plot – but you will be amazed what you can grow in a small area – tall things around the edge of your garden, even if they have to be in big pots.
I do all my own baking (tastes so much better, besides being cheaper) and cook our meals from scratch, make bread etc. I also make all our own jam and chutney and home-made wine too (hic!)
Wishing you well in your dream. Jennie

P.S. I also have some wicked cake recipes - including banana loaf, pineapple-applesauce cake, about 500 apple cake recipes etc. Pop in to my blog - just put a choccy cake recipe up.

Bovey Belle said...

Doh! It was Kim's blogspot - but you'd better go and visit Leanne too - she is living the dream, having moved to Somerset about 18 months ago:

Kindred spirits I think . . .

Pixiedust said...

Hi bovey belle, thanks for your lovely comments. I shall be checking out your blog and the recipes.
Take Care x

solsticedreamer said...

that looks to lovely~i used to bake a lot until we moved here and i have to cook on a really ancient rayburn! i tend to burn things now as the temperature is so hard to control! Roll on my move to the new forest when i can use my 'beast'!

Kit said...

Hiya! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog - I'm so pleased you've enjoyed the Stonewylde books. I've worked out who you are from your order for the signed copy of Magus! Thanks too for recommending the books to your friends - it's that word of mouth stuff I really need in order for the books to sell - so I can then afford to go ahead with Book Four!! Please do join the Stonewylde Forum. I think you'd really enjoy it and everyone there's so friendly and supportive of each other. Of course you may already be a member and I haven't connected it!

With regards to your current dissatisfaction with your job and life in general - I really do sympathise. I spent years in my younger days doing things I hated, jobs I despised, living a life I didn't choose - it seems so hard at the time. But things do work out - we all need to have dark times in order to appreciate the bright ones, so hang on in there, keep your mind open to any possibility that comes along, and I'm sure that ultimately you'll live the life you really want. And good luck with the baking and home cooking - lovely! You can't beat cheese and potato pie topped with tomatoes for a cheap, tasty meal! Bright blessings to you,
Kit xxx

Leanne said...

Lol to Boveybelle in her comment-its ok jennie- Pixiedust and I are already acquainted! and I also know Kim , Solstice dreamer and Kit, who Ive met and roll on book four! its a small world in blogland!

your loaf looks lovely Pixiedust, coincidentally, I made bread yesterday too!

leanne x

Cottage Smallholder said...

Ohhh I love banana bread - had a slice at my friend Clare's house yesterday and could have wolfed 6 more.

Great blog. Love the teddy bear that you made.