Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Tuesday Ranting Part Two - Pollution

Look at this! I was appalled to see this on my morning walk with the dog. We were strolling down the footpath headed for home when the bright blue caught my eyes. It smelt of chemicals too. As luck would have it I had my camera with with me, to take a picture of the storm damaged willow.

All the local dogs quite often jump in here on their walks (I don't let the little man it upsets his tummy) not to mention all the local wildlife, and further down stream the aquatic life. I got home and contacted the E A, and forwarded the photo's to them. They were quite concerned and said they would send the local pollution team down there today to take water samples. The Environment man seems to think someone has emptied a chemical toilet into the stream. They are keeping me posted

This is the storm damaged willow.

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Leanne said...

that pollution is disgusting, well done yuo for taking action, it makes me so angry too.

Poor tree, theres been some tree damage around here too.

Leanne x