Sunday, 16 March 2008


I thought I'd post again today, as I'm feeling bored and unsettled this evening. I haven't watched TV in over a week. It doesn't seem to do anything for me at the moment, I can't concentrate, not even on dancing on ice the final.

Had a trip to B&Q today to get bits for decorating our dining room. It's getting there now, that's the trouble when you have a handyman husband, everyone else wants a bit of him. We had a load of vouchers from our wedding last year that we've been spending on decorating, which is great as it doesn't feel like we're actually spending money. Got radiator cover and shelves, paint, sockets and switches. I can't wait to be in there making it just how i want it. Saw a great table on e-bay last night but hubby said it's too soon to be getting that yet. That told me then!

Been busy baking again today, made a Victoria sponge cake and coconut muffins, lovely.

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solsticedreamer said...

hehehe your hubby sound slike my swampy whenever i am looking at house things on e-bay!
the thing i did persist on and won him over was my 'beast'! i just cant wait to move now so i can actually use it!!!