Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Look what the posty delivered.....

I've been waiting for these to arrive, this is a couple of bars of soap I ordered and a candle. Isn't the packing pretty, I had to take a photo. This company use all organic and natural products and their stuff smell's scrummy. I've got a soap in Myrrh rose, and one in Moonsand, as well as a candle in Myrrh rose. I discovered Merrywood at the Christmas Market in Winchester, where I bought a Myrrh rose soap, my hands cleared right up when I used it, as I suffer from really dry and cracked hands. One of the things on my to do list, is to have a go at soapmaking.
Merrywood's website isn't finished yet, but you can get their address from the main page and e-mail address for a catalogue.

Also in the post today was the two fat quarters of Laura Ashley fabric from e-bay, that I've ordered for my first Quilt Along square. All I have to do now is make a start on it. I love these gorgeous pale pinks, and hopefully the whole quilt, will be in similar fabric. I'm only buying it as I need it at the moment, in case I don't get on with it.

I also had my Coffee bean and sunburst Linen in the post today, for my stuffed doll and animal project. Once I have one finished, I'll pop up a pick. I'm working on a Hare at the moment.
Been out and about again today. Had to pop to the bakers to get my mum and hubby a Lardy cake. Then I went over mum's to pick up my picnic table for camp that they'd borrowed. She gave me a lovely thick and heavy red mohair jumper she'd found in a charity shop, not sure if its my cup of tea normally, but is soooo warm and soft, and is perfect for camp at the weekend. She'd also finished my knitted hot water bottle cover. Mum's not too good at making stuff, but I like it, just because she made it. From mums I went to Garsons, its the only place I know locally that sell Mead, £10 a bloomin bottle though, but you can't go to Beltane camp without a bottle of mead. I then went to Westlands Farm shop to get burgers, sausages and bacon for camp and a box of duck eggs, which are scrummy. I was tempted to buy a goose egg as they had these for sale at 90p each. They were massive and I don't think I'd ever seen a goose egg before. Then back home to Woody and my post. So far so good, except for all the bloomin rain.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

A Storm and my Tea Cup

Well we had some weird weather this morning. Got up at about 7.30 and it was lovely and sunny out and the birds were tweeting, then at about 9, it went really dark, just after hubby had left to walk the boy! He got to the Nature Reserve started to walk, but didn't have his coat, so went back to the Landy and took the boy over Granfers for a play up the yard, so he could stand in the shed! We had really loud thunder and lighting, and I had just got out of the shower, but chickened out of using my hair dryer, I know I'm a silly cow. Needless to say I've had fluffy hair all day, so stayed at home, and have drunk tea all day.

Helped Hubby put the coving up in the dining room, and started making a Hare. Got no-where to put my sewing machine at the moment, so I'm stitching it by hand.

The putting up the tent trial went well yesterday, except we put it on inside out to start with, then forgot the spacers and the plastic caps, but I have written myself an idiots guide so next Friday, fingers crossed, I should manage it.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Friday Part Two....

Well the Crafting Spring book did turn up today, and it didn't disappoint. Its fantastic, even better than the Christmas book. Off to fabric shop tomorrow to get supplies so I can start making. UMM better check the money situation first. Also arriving in the post today was a lovely little book called "The little book of patchwork stars", only had a flick through, but it looks quite good, full of patterns.

Hubby has just put wood filler around the skirting in the dining room and it stinks. I can't stand that smell, it makes me feel quite sick. But if the dining room is to be finished, I'll have to put up with it.

It's Friday, roll on the weekend.....

Well, its a lovely day outside, the birds are singing the sun is shining, and I've got to go to work at 11.00, huffs and stomps feet!

My guest bed arrived yesterday, ready for Beltane camp next weekend. Hubby showed me how to put it up, and then i had to test it of course. Its more comfortable than I thought it would be, but its a nightmare to get back up again, and that was without my legs being buried in a sleeping bag. We've got to get up in the loft this weekend and get all my camp gear out, check what I need and give it a wash and brush up. Also need to have a lesson on putting up a four man tent in the garden, that will be interesting and could involve squabbles me thinks.

Two of my books that I ordered turned up in the post, the Crafting Christmas Gifts is particularly good and I haven't been able to put it down. I'm really inspired and excited to start making. I can't wait for the Spring book to turn up. I'm still waiting for two more books in the post and some soap I ordered. So I may have a nice surprise when I get home from work this afternoon, I'll let you know.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

A bit of stitching....

Decided to get a bit of cross stitch out after lunch. I did a bit to Tiggers face, paw and bear. Long way off from finished yet, but most of my projects usually are. Hubbys name for me is five minutes of everything.

You try to put the washing out & what happens.....

Just got into the garden with the washing basket, woody at my side, he's my shadow. I thought to myself I'll give it 2 mins. That was too long within thirty seconds he'd dashed back indoor and appeared at my feet with his ball. sigh...
Please mum, throw my ball!
Juggling pegging the washing out and kicking a ball. (Woody running around the washing line)
An action shot!
AArrrhh Bless him!

Monday, 21 April 2008

The Weekend.....

Well the weather yesterday was a surprise, I expected it to be cold and rainy, but it was actually a really pleasant day. The sun shone till about 5 o-clock, before the sky opened so I managed to get my washing dry on the line. I washed all the bathroom towels, as I intended to clean the bathroom, but that didn't happen. I started our bedroom first and ended up giving it a good old clean and vacuum and washed the windows and skirting board, so mush fresher in there now.

Hubby did a load more painting in the dining room and fitted the last two plug sockets. Its really starting to take shape now and I'm quite excited about it being finished. Partly down to the fact that I'll have a nice space to get my sewing machine out.

I went to a craft fair on Saturday, it was OK but a little small, I did get a pair of green dichronic glass earrings but that was it. There was a lady there that did felting, not needle felting but the sort that you roll the fleece out with a lot of elbow grease and make it into felt. She had some lovely stuff, like handbags and some cute little flower brooches. A little bit pricey though, but I'm sure they were probably worth it.

I was naughty last night, but it couldn't be helped. I went on e-bay looking at patchwork fabric, as I'm enthusiastic about having a go at the moment. I've bid on a couple of books and a few bits of fabric and ordered a couple of cushion covers, i think i may have got a bit carried away, but I was having such a good time. Then I made the mistake of checking out patchwork books on Amazon and found some lovely books, but I ended up ordering a making Christmas gifts book and an Easter gifts book. I know I know, I said I wasn't going to buy any more books, but like i said before they are my one weakness. The ideas in these books were great. Little homespun and primitive Santa's, angels, bunnies etc. I'm looking forward to them arriving. I didn't get them directly from Amazon I went to the Buy New and Used tab under the listing, as it works out cheaper this way. Anyway that's my weekend, looking forward to the post now.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Saturdays Ponderism......

Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, "I think I'll squeeze these dangly things here and drink whatever comes out?"

Friday, 18 April 2008

Bloomin hungrey..

I started my Healthy Eating Plan today and I'm bloomin starving. Had to have lunch at about 10.30 this morning as I've started new hours at work and it would have meant not eating till about 4. Still Spag Bol tonight, boy am I looking forward to it. When I got home from work I wanted to raid the cupboards, but didn't and I really fancy a glass of wine. So I settled for a cup of tea and some pineapple instead at about 5.

Bumped into an old friend in the shop today her babies due in 7 weeks and she can't wait. So thats just more incentive to me to lose weight.

I have discovered that there is a craft fair up the road tomorrow, so i might pop along and have a look to see what goodies are there.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Random Rambling....

Not too much to write about today. I'm sitting at the laptop at the moment with a hot mug of tea next to me and a hot wheatie under my feet, coz I'm bloomin freezin! Been to work today, that felt like time had stood still. I did bite the bullet and re-join slimming world AGAIN this evening, so I have made a productive first step towards trying to lose weight. I also applied for that job yesterday gulp...We'll have to see what comes of it, but theres no harm in applying. I've still got the urge to have a go at patchwork but there's no classes near here it seems, so I will have to teach myself; but I shouldn't start any crafts until I've got the house spring cleaned and organised. Hopefully this weekend I'm gonna give myself a shove and make a start with these plans. Whilst writing I would also like to thank Solstice Dreamer for helping me get to grips with this linking words to links thingy.....did you see what I did there? lol

Thursday's Ponderism....

In the 60's, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Get up and go.......

This fridge magnet which sits right at the top of my fridge sums me up completely, especially at the moment. My get up and go, has definitely got up and gone! I just don't seem to be enthusiastic about much at all at the moment. There is loads of spring cleaning to be done around the house, which is getting me down, and niggling at me. My weights getting me down, but once again I'm my own worst enemy, and theres loads of craft projects I want to do, and keep meaning to do, but never seem to get around to doing. I'm really burying my head in the sand at the moment, and need a good kick up the backside. I've tried to give myself a good talking too to no avail and if anyone else try's to, like hubby for instance, I immediately rebel and do the opposite. This is something I've always done and seems to be in my nature; definitely not one of my better points. I could do with a few weeks off work to get everything straight around the house and make time to start my crafts. Really though I need to stop making excuses and get my bum into gear and just get on with it. Sorry for ranting on, but it always feels better to get your thoughts written down. Its like sending an e-mail to the universe asking for some guidance. I'll stop rambling now.

Wednesday's Ponderism....

The easiest way to find something lost around the house is to buy a replacement.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

A Good Post Day.......

Today I couldn't wait for the postman to arrive, as I suspected my goodies would be turning up today and I wasn't disappointed. Natalie at http://summerbythesea.blogspot.com/ made this lovely Bunny for me. Natalie the colours are great, thanks for making her in creams for me.
Here she is pictured with her new friends! Once the dining room is finished being decorated though, I think I'll put her on the dresser.
My lovely Emma Bridgewater mini cup and saucer candle also arrived today. I purchased this from ebay and is also destined for the dresser.
And then....my next Amazon rental DVD, the second series of Supernatural. I've got a thing for Dean in Supernatural ssshh don't tell hubby! We only have two DVDs a month which only costs £3.99 much cheaper than going to the local video shop, not that we have one now.

Tuesday's Baking....

Snicker and Peanut Butter Muffins, and Banana Muffins, courtesy of Nigella.
The snickers muffins are actually for someone at work. He's been pestering me for ages to make him some, as I used to bake and take stuff in all the time, and he particularly liked these. You can bet they'll be none left when I go in tomorrow; not that I mind as I hate snickers!
The Banana Muffins are for Hubby's lunchbox; but I'm not that impressed with these and won't be making them again, I'll stick to my Banana loaf next time.
All that baking, but none for me I'm afraid, I decided to try and be good this week, as I really need to lose weight, so Food Doctor Bagel toasted for me with Low Fat Cream Cheese and cucumber. It was Yummy though.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Mondays Ponderism....

Garden Rule: When weeding, the best way to make sure you are removing a weed and not a valuable plant is to pull on it. If it comes out of the ground easily, its a valuable plant.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Sundays musings...

Today's Baking, Lemon curd Victoria Sponge and Honey Wheatmeal Bread.

Lovely, Purple sprouting Broccoli for dinner, with carrots, new potatoes and home made shepherds pie.
Woody getting all his toys out, all over the floor hhmmm.

Sundays Ponderism...

How is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire?

Saturday, 12 April 2008

The Annual Booster Jab....

It was the day Woody and Phoebe had been dreading, the annual booster vaccination. What a palava trying to get phoebe in her cat box. If you've never tried to get a cat in a cat box before, its a nightmare, its a bit like trying to get a bed through a door! She's such a timid thing and the whole process is rather upsetting, but she's as good as gold at the vets and sits there quietly while the vet vaccinates her and gives her a wormer. The little man on the other hand was a right pain in the a**e. He wriggled and fidgeted and kept jumping off the weighing scales. But eventually all was done and a large amount was extracted from bank account.
To give them a treat I went to pets at home this afternoon and purchased a pack of new balls for woody and a catnip treat for phoebe. See how much fun phoebe had below.

Aahh the joy of Catnip!

Need I say more!

Saturdays Quote......

A good friend is like a good bra: Hard to find, supportive, comfortable, and always close to your heart!

Friday, 11 April 2008

A busy day, but a long week.......

You can't beat a mug of tea and a piece of homemade cake to lift your spirits, thats exactly what I did at lunch time. Of-course I shared the cake with Woody.

I've been feeling a bit out of sorts this week, like I'm about to come down with a cold, but it hasn't come to anything, so I suppose that's good in a way. I'm in a dilemma with my job at the moment, its a "do I stay, or do I go" kind of time. I've been given an application form from a lady I dog walk with, for a play worker at a local breakfast and afternoon school club. I will need to be trained to NVQ2 on the job, but will also get to do a First Aid and Health and Hygiene certificate, if I apply or even get the job. Another string to my bow I suppose. I am unhappy in my current job, but i do get shares and staff discount and maternity leave, this is the conundrum, am I better the devil I know?

I made homemade Pizza for tea, which was scrummy, I haven't made one of these for ages, and it made a nice change. See I'm still cooking from scratch! Hubby and I went to Macro this week and managed to get 48 loo rolls on offer and a massive box of washing powder, so this should save a few pounds and packaging. We have been seeing a saving in our shopping bills since our being green and frugal experiment started. I'm also making much more of an effort with the composting; last week it even had the added ingredient of Woody fur as he was clipped on Monday.
I've spent an hour or so undercoating one of the dining room walls this afternoon. I don't think hubby can moan at me for getting that wrong.
This is still to be altered and painted etc, but I can't wait till my Radiator/dresser is finished. I would like a few Emma Bridgewater pieces to go on it. "Hint Hint Hubby if you read this".
Hubby also made this door architrave, are there no end to his talents??? We hope to get a bit more done to this room at the weekend. I'm really looking forward to it being finished. It used to be a garage at one time, and since we've lived here its mainly been a dumping ground as we're gradually working around the house with the decorating. It will be like having a whole new room in this house. I hope to put some finished photo's on here before Christmas!!!

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Sloe or Wild Damson....

I thought I'd post a couple of pics of my neighbours Blackthorn tree in blossom as it's so pretty at the moment. We've also got a couple in our garden, but there not in blossom like this.
These trees have caused no end of discussion in our house, and between the neighbours and anyone who visits. Are they a Wild Damson or a Sloe? We came to the conclusion that although the trees look identical. The one in the corner of our garden is a sloe and the one further along is a wild damson. The fruit on our sloe tree is a bit smaller than that of the wild damson. I thought I'd taste one to compare the flavours, not recommended bitter as hell!
I made two batches of gin in the end, one from the Sloes and one from the Wild Damsons. They did have a slightly different flavour and personally I preferred the Sloe Gin. Not that I even like Gin. My friend told me I was drinking it too soon anyway and to leave it until this Christmas/Yule. I also made an experimental batch of Elderberry Gin. This was quite different and a lovely colour. Most of these were given away as Yule pressies.

Another pic of my beautiful pussy cat Phoebe

What a wise old thing she is......

She doesn't mind where she sits.....

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Sybil Leek - The Burley Witch Part Two.....

Sybil's family was relatively well to do and she grew up as a young lady of privileged societal standing, her mother was related to the Masters family, well known in high society. In their New Forest home her mother and a group of friends regularly met for tea, they called their group the Pentagram Club. When she was fifteen years old and during one of the family's regular trips to the south of France, Sybil was initiated into a french coven based at George du Loup in the hills above Nice. According to Sybil, she was initiated to replace an elderly Russian aunt who had been High Priestess of the coven, and it was from this coven that the New Forest covens in England were descended.
Returning home Sybil met a well-known pianist-conductor who was 24 years her senior. Despite the age difference they fell in love and were married shortly after her 16th birthday. During the relative quiet of the pre-war years they toured and traveled about England and Europe. He died two years later and she returned home to Hampshire. During World War II, Sybil joined the Red Cross and worked as a nurse in a military hospital near Southampton. Later she was sent to help nurse the wounded at Anzio Beach, before returning to England and being stationed at a military barracks in the isolated Scottish Hebrides Islands. She ended the war with a handful of medals, but the prosperity of her family had been lost to the austerity of the War.
After the war and into her twenties, Sybil returned to Hampshire and lived in a small village called Burley situated in the heart of the New Forest. There she mixed with and lived among the Gypsies. She also joined their 'Horsa' coven, a coven they claimed had existed for 700 years. The Gypsy knowing she was a witch born, accepted Sybil as one of their own. From them she learned a great deal about herbal potions and elixirs. When the time came for her to move on, they honoured her in the traditional Gypsy way reserved only for the most respected of outsiders. They made her a 'blood-sister'. This was done by cutting her wrist and mixing her blood with the blood of the Gypsy leaders.
While living in Burley, Sybil started up and ran a successful antique shop. Then at some point she met and married a man called Brian. Together they had two sons Stephen and Julian who are reported to have inherited the family's psychic gifts. While walking in the woods one day, Sybil had a vision, it brought to her the realization that her purpose in life was to promote the craft and the Old Religion. She began to do just that and into the 1950's her reputation as a Psychic, Astrologer and Witch, began to attract attention. Media publicity brought tourists to her village but in the wake of autograph seekers her antique business began to suffer. Witchcraft was still viewed with suspicion in those times and her landlord refused to renew her lease unless she publicly denounced it. Sybil declined and was forced to close up shop and leave.
More to come..........

Monday, 7 April 2008

Arte y pico Award...

Sarah, at little house by the sea, has sent me this award......

I was so chuffed to get this, thanks Sarah. Please take a look at her blog at http://www.littlehousebythesea.blogspot.com/.

Then a bit later on, I received it again from Lee at http://solsticedreamer.blogspot.com many thanks two awards! I'm not going to give it to another 5, but award it to my dog Woody, the best Springer in the World, for being such a photogenic boy, and appearing so frequently in my blog!

As usual there are rules, 5 to be exact here goes......

Pick 5 blogs that you feel are deserving of this award, based on their.....

  • Creativity

  • Design

  • Interesting material, and

  • Contribution to the blogging community, no matter what language

For each award giver: include the name of the author and a link to their blog, so they can be visited.

For each recipient: show the award with the name and link to the blogger from whom it was received.

For both giver and receiver: show the link (http://arteypico.blogspot.com/)

Publish these rules

I hope I've done this right anyway this is what Sarah had to say....

Faerie Nuff... http://faerienuff.blogspot.com/ A blog that I have just started to read. However there are lots of interesting posts and pictures, and I love your mission to be green and frugal.

Cheers Sarah!

The blogs I've chosen are......

Lee at http://solsticedreamer.blogspot.com/ Lee's was one of the first blogs I encountered and I was made to feel welcome straight away. The music and layout are great and I love how passionate Lee feels about important subjects.

Alison at http://woolgatheringwhileisew.blogspot.com/ Alison's craft work and pics are really inspiring and always make me want to get my craft stuff out. Check out her recent patchwork its fab!

Miss R at http://talesofinglewood.blogspot.com/ Miss R is such a wise and spiritual lady who's words always offer inspiration. Always worth a read.

Fiona at http://www.cottagesmallholder.com/ Fiona's was the first blog I ever found whilst looking for a Sloe Gin recipe. Her stories of self sufficiency and her min pins are great, and always make me smile.

Moncha Eilis at http://dreamingofavalon.blogspot.com/ Moncha like me, loves nature her garden and substantial amount of witchy books, and living in the Netherlands its always great to hear what goes on in her part of the world. Always a good read.

I hope I have done this right and the links work, but if not the links at the side of my blog usually do. It was a difficult quest picking 5 people, as I'm in contact with quite a few fellow bloggers. I tried to pick blogging pals that haven't already received this award so we can all share it. Thanks to everyone who visits my blog, its always nice to hear from you.

Some more snow day pics.....

I couldn't resist putting some more photos of yesterdays snow on here. I was a bit snap happy with the camera yesterday, but decent snow never happens in Hampshire, so I didn't want to miss the opportunity.
This is Woody's coat which was purchased from the Range, its a bit girly, but keeps him warm. We always seem to have a cold snap just after he's been clipped. Trouble is yesterday he decided to jump in the lake in it! So it had to come off, and we took it in turns to carry it.
More Trees....
I quite liked this shot....
Look at that sky!

I did feel sorry for the birds yesterday, on Thursday and Friday it was really warm and they were happily preparing for spring, feathering their nests and getting ready for some chicks and then it goes and gets blooming cold and snows. The poor little things must be so confused, i know i am. The weather seems all over the place as late, its so unpredictable. I hope it gets warmer soon I'm camping in four weeks time.

This morning is very chilly and the car is completely frozen, but I don't intend going anywhere until work tonight sigh. I've got a lot of over ripe bananas in the kitchen, so I may make a couple of banana loaves.