Friday, 18 April 2008

Bloomin hungrey..

I started my Healthy Eating Plan today and I'm bloomin starving. Had to have lunch at about 10.30 this morning as I've started new hours at work and it would have meant not eating till about 4. Still Spag Bol tonight, boy am I looking forward to it. When I got home from work I wanted to raid the cupboards, but didn't and I really fancy a glass of wine. So I settled for a cup of tea and some pineapple instead at about 5.

Bumped into an old friend in the shop today her babies due in 7 weeks and she can't wait. So thats just more incentive to me to lose weight.

I have discovered that there is a craft fair up the road tomorrow, so i might pop along and have a look to see what goodies are there.


Alison said...

I use to munch on some mixed seeds or prunes when I got in from work.
I thought you might like this patchwork link ...take a look at her Flickr site - a stitch in dye -
Take care,
Alison x

Leanne said...

good luck with the dietplan PD, its never easy so I'll be sending support to you! a craft fair, hmm...sounds good :-)
leanne x

Summer by the sea said...

Hiya - In reply to your question, I am self taught re; the sewing thing, thanks for the compliment! - If you want to learn patchwork, had you thought of looking in the library? - I got a really good 'patchwork for beginners' book just last week from my local library. Good luck with the dieting too - let us know how you get on, I think Slimming World is a good diet, so you shouldn't go too hungry! - Natalie x