Friday, 11 April 2008

A busy day, but a long week.......

You can't beat a mug of tea and a piece of homemade cake to lift your spirits, thats exactly what I did at lunch time. Of-course I shared the cake with Woody.

I've been feeling a bit out of sorts this week, like I'm about to come down with a cold, but it hasn't come to anything, so I suppose that's good in a way. I'm in a dilemma with my job at the moment, its a "do I stay, or do I go" kind of time. I've been given an application form from a lady I dog walk with, for a play worker at a local breakfast and afternoon school club. I will need to be trained to NVQ2 on the job, but will also get to do a First Aid and Health and Hygiene certificate, if I apply or even get the job. Another string to my bow I suppose. I am unhappy in my current job, but i do get shares and staff discount and maternity leave, this is the conundrum, am I better the devil I know?

I made homemade Pizza for tea, which was scrummy, I haven't made one of these for ages, and it made a nice change. See I'm still cooking from scratch! Hubby and I went to Macro this week and managed to get 48 loo rolls on offer and a massive box of washing powder, so this should save a few pounds and packaging. We have been seeing a saving in our shopping bills since our being green and frugal experiment started. I'm also making much more of an effort with the composting; last week it even had the added ingredient of Woody fur as he was clipped on Monday.
I've spent an hour or so undercoating one of the dining room walls this afternoon. I don't think hubby can moan at me for getting that wrong.
This is still to be altered and painted etc, but I can't wait till my Radiator/dresser is finished. I would like a few Emma Bridgewater pieces to go on it. "Hint Hint Hubby if you read this".
Hubby also made this door architrave, are there no end to his talents??? We hope to get a bit more done to this room at the weekend. I'm really looking forward to it being finished. It used to be a garage at one time, and since we've lived here its mainly been a dumping ground as we're gradually working around the house with the decorating. It will be like having a whole new room in this house. I hope to put some finished photo's on here before Christmas!!!


solsticedreamer said...

i am sure there is a cold bug going around~swampy has been quite poorly today and the sniffles i have are a cold and not my m.e~so dose up mrs.p!

now theres a thought putting codys trimmings in my composter...regular trims to have enough for both of them!!!

miss*R said...

just popping over to say hi and will be back when I come home xo

yes pet hair/fur is perfect for composting.. anything that was once alive can go in.. sometimes, I go to local hairdresser and beg bags of hair from their floor.. it is perfect for roses!

twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely blog, your pizza looks scrummy. We're on an economy drive at Twiglet Towers too, we seem to be leaking money at the moment -argh!!

Sal said...

Hi there..thanks for commenting on my blog! Yours is fascinating!
I think,if you're not happy in your job, you should look to move!
Hampshire is my second fave county,I once lived there.;-)