Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Look what the posty delivered.....

I've been waiting for these to arrive, this is a couple of bars of soap I ordered and a candle. Isn't the packing pretty, I had to take a photo. This company use all organic and natural products and their stuff smell's scrummy. I've got a soap in Myrrh rose, and one in Moonsand, as well as a candle in Myrrh rose. I discovered Merrywood at the Christmas Market in Winchester, where I bought a Myrrh rose soap, my hands cleared right up when I used it, as I suffer from really dry and cracked hands. One of the things on my to do list, is to have a go at soapmaking.
Merrywood's website isn't finished yet, but you can get their address from the main page and e-mail address for a catalogue.

Also in the post today was the two fat quarters of Laura Ashley fabric from e-bay, that I've ordered for my first Quilt Along square. All I have to do now is make a start on it. I love these gorgeous pale pinks, and hopefully the whole quilt, will be in similar fabric. I'm only buying it as I need it at the moment, in case I don't get on with it.

I also had my Coffee bean and sunburst Linen in the post today, for my stuffed doll and animal project. Once I have one finished, I'll pop up a pick. I'm working on a Hare at the moment.
Been out and about again today. Had to pop to the bakers to get my mum and hubby a Lardy cake. Then I went over mum's to pick up my picnic table for camp that they'd borrowed. She gave me a lovely thick and heavy red mohair jumper she'd found in a charity shop, not sure if its my cup of tea normally, but is soooo warm and soft, and is perfect for camp at the weekend. She'd also finished my knitted hot water bottle cover. Mum's not too good at making stuff, but I like it, just because she made it. From mums I went to Garsons, its the only place I know locally that sell Mead, £10 a bloomin bottle though, but you can't go to Beltane camp without a bottle of mead. I then went to Westlands Farm shop to get burgers, sausages and bacon for camp and a box of duck eggs, which are scrummy. I was tempted to buy a goose egg as they had these for sale at 90p each. They were massive and I don't think I'd ever seen a goose egg before. Then back home to Woody and my post. So far so good, except for all the bloomin rain.


Chrissy said...

Oh wow, it sound like a lovely day, I do like the sound of your soaps, I do have to be very careful, my skin is very bad....your fabric is gorgeous. Nice of ur Mum to sort you a jumper, I am not sure what Beltane camp is but it sounds interesting :-)

Sarahs Home said...

Looks like you have had some lovely post.. I will have to check out the soap website, I love stuff like that... I hope you will blog about your fantastic weekend, I just wish that I was able to go to ours. Hubby offered to take the little onto the party so I could still go but I would be on my own and he would need the car to get to the party..BOO HOO!!! Have fun,
Sarah x

Pixiedust said...

Thanks Sarah and Chrissy. I hope to have a good time, although if it doesn't stop bloomin rainin I won't be going. x

Vanessa said...

Did'nt you do well, you must have been a very good girl!

You are getting very prepared for this camping trip, can not wait to see pictures of you putting up the tent!

Vanessa x

solsticedreamer said...

oh i can almost smell the soap~looks like i may be doing some ordering myself ;)

have a glass of mead for me too :)

twiggypeasticks said...

Fabby post, you're right the soap is so beautifully wrapped, bet it smells delish, the fabric is scrummy

Bovey Belle said...

What a lovely post. That soap looks SO good - how to market natural things . . . Lovely Laura Ashley material too. Good luck with making up your patchwork. Lardy Cake - gosh, when I was little that was my mum's favourite . . . a million calories a slice! She tried making it once apparently, but I know she would have not used a recipe (we didn't have a cook book in the house) and my dad had to tell her that there was a pool of melted lard oozing out of the bottom of the oven!