Thursday, 3 April 2008

Ten little things that make me smile.....

I was thinking today about the little things in life that make me smile, and have compiled a list of ten, here goes!
  1. A wagging tail when you get home from work (In woody's case a whole wagging back end)
  2. The popping sound when breaking the lid on a new jar of coffee
  3. The smell of a bonfire, aahh
  4. A purring cat, sitting on your lap
  5. A sit down, with a cup of tea and a biscuit
  6. A hot bath, listening to Loreena McKennitt
  7. Popping bubble wrap
  8. Waking up for work and remembering its Saturday!
  9. A text message from hubby, telling me he loves me
  10. Watching the birds on the bird table

Why don't you all have a go, it will make you smile!


miss*R said...

Hey missPixieDust! just popping around trying to catch up after a busy two weeks!

I love watching birds.. i have spent alot of time this week in my garden and the autumn birds are back.. busy eating the seeds from the plants!
blessings to you ! xo

Summer by the sea said...

Hi PixieDust! - Thank you for popping by my blog and for your kind comments. Things that make me smile are:- That first sip of wine when the children are all in bed (only at weekends though!) * A nice hot bubblebath and a good book * The feel of sun on my face with the distant hum of bees in the background *
I am glad you like my bunnies - yes, I do sell them in my shop - If you are interested they are £15 (all are slightly different but very pretty) - If you would like one I can send you a paypal invoice? - Look forward to reading more - Natalie x

solsticedreamer said...

i can certainly relate to the wagging back end! cody does become very wiggly at times!