Tuesday, 22 April 2008

You try to put the washing out & what happens.....

Just got into the garden with the washing basket, woody at my side, he's my shadow. I thought to myself I'll give it 2 mins. That was too long within thirty seconds he'd dashed back indoor and appeared at my feet with his ball. sigh...
Please mum, throw my ball!
Juggling pegging the washing out and kicking a ball. (Woody running around the washing line)
An action shot!
AArrrhh Bless him!

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solsticedreamer said...

so cute!!! i cant wait for cody to meet him one day!

cody is helping keith 'sweep up' the back yard...in cody speak thats trying to smuggle all the little bits of log and tree in without me noticing~trouble is he always looks so sheepish he gives himself away!!!