Tuesday, 22 April 2008

A bit of stitching....

Decided to get a bit of cross stitch out after lunch. I did a bit to Tiggers face, paw and bear. Long way off from finished yet, but most of my projects usually are. Hubbys name for me is five minutes of everything.


Alison said...

I remmember doing a Winnie The Pooh cross stitch for my son's bedroom...he is now 17 and the picture has been put away for any grandchildren that might eventually come along:-)

It has been gorgeous hasn't it. I hope your walk with hubby and the very cute woody was good.
Take care,
Alison xx

Sal said...

Lovely cross stitch!
Thanks for visiting my blog again..Sal;-)

Anonymous said...

That looks really beautiful. My hubby's favourite figure in the stories of Pooh is Tigger ; )
Mine is piglet, I love that little pink piggy !!!!