Friday, 25 April 2008

It's Friday, roll on the weekend.....

Well, its a lovely day outside, the birds are singing the sun is shining, and I've got to go to work at 11.00, huffs and stomps feet!

My guest bed arrived yesterday, ready for Beltane camp next weekend. Hubby showed me how to put it up, and then i had to test it of course. Its more comfortable than I thought it would be, but its a nightmare to get back up again, and that was without my legs being buried in a sleeping bag. We've got to get up in the loft this weekend and get all my camp gear out, check what I need and give it a wash and brush up. Also need to have a lesson on putting up a four man tent in the garden, that will be interesting and could involve squabbles me thinks.

Two of my books that I ordered turned up in the post, the Crafting Christmas Gifts is particularly good and I haven't been able to put it down. I'm really inspired and excited to start making. I can't wait for the Spring book to turn up. I'm still waiting for two more books in the post and some soap I ordered. So I may have a nice surprise when I get home from work this afternoon, I'll let you know.


Chrissy said...

I am so looking fwd to the weekend too, good luck with your tent, we were meant to be camping out last w/e but bottled it, just too cold for my bones, LOL.

Sarahs Home said...

I love camping, there is somethng special about been outside sleeping. There is a Beltane Camp up here but I thought it may be too cold for the children at this time of year so we may just go to the day time celebrations instead. I am waiting for books also, I ordered the second Stonewylde book from amazon along with a couple of others.. Fab books.. Sarah x