Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Two Awards......

Wow, I've not only received one award but two, How chuffed am I!

The first award is from Josie Mary (Thanks Josie) incorporates a tag, so here goes....

7 things to do before I die

  • Move to the country

  • Have Children

  • Visit Canada/New Zealand

  • Be Slim!!!!!

  • Be comfortably well off

  • Be my own boss

  • Be truly happy and content

7 Things I do now

  • Spend too much time faffing about

  • Eat too much chocolate

  • Drink too much wine

  • Procrastinate!

  • Do the same thing day in, day out

  • Buy too many home magazines

  • Spend far too much time in cloud cuckoo land :o)

7 Things I can't do

  • Can't knit

  • Can't manage my time very well

  • Can't lose weight

  • Can't say no

  • Can't speak a foreign language

  • Can't get calf length boots to fit my legs :o(

7 Things I find attractive in the opposite sex

  • Sense of humour

  • Not too thin

  • Nice kind eyes

  • A man who can fix things

  • Nice big..............hands (what did you think I would say)

  • Thoughtful

  • A man in uniform

7 things I say most often

  • What a palaver

  • Lovely

  • I'll do it tomorrow

  • I didn't have time

  • Not tonight babe, I've got a headache

  • Aye (I never hear anything the first time)

  • Dust what dust

7 Celebs that I admire

Don't admire any celebs!

7 Favourite foods

  • Chocolate

  • Spaghetti Bolognaise

  • Wine ( does that count?)

  • Roast Dinner

  • Cockles in malt vinegar

  • Potatoes

  • Mint Sauce

7 people to join in the fun

The rules folks, Please leave a comment on the blogs that have been awarded, and feel free to have a go too.

And I received this award from Cinnamon Cottage, and I'm to tag 7 people so all mentioned above please accept this award also.


Kim said...

Thank you Pixie, how kind. I'll get on to it in a day or two. :)

Kim x

nita x said...

thanks pixie :o) ill sort this out later