Sunday, 30 November 2008

An Award.....

I've received an award this morning from the lovely Sarah at Sarahs House, thanks so much Sarah.

I need to nominate 5 other blogs so here goes:-

Tilly Rose


A Thrity Mrs

Diary of a Tinyholder

Hen House

Lovely blogs ladies.


thriftymrs said...

Oooh thanks ever so much.

Josie-Mary said...

Thank you... that's cheered me up a bit!!! :)

Hen said...

Thanks for the award, that's very kind. I like your new "wallpaper", very festive. I'm almost feeling christmassy!
Hen x

Lavender hearts said...

Hi Pixie

Thanks for the award! I've just been a bit of a grump, nothing too serious! I just made a comment about how everyone seems to be on CK overload - it's nice stuff an all but pricey and you can get real vintae stuff for cheaper. I also made a comment about people name dropping (I hate that!) and pointed out that CK in the Country homes and interiors mag had dropped in about her lakeland terrior stanley (see, i would have just said my dog stanley) as if he was some sort of trophy dog! Nothing too bad but I think it got up a couple of people's goat so to avoid confrontation I removed it! Sorry for the essay!

I got my lovely bears, they are fab! :-)

Sian x