Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Christmas Market.....

Well, before I tell you about the market, This afternoon I went to make my Christmas Cake, but completely forgot the bit about letting the fruit soak overnight, alas I could only get this far and will have to finish it tomorrow, but all those glistening fruits do look and smell good. The recipe I use is from by favourite baking cookbook, How to be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson.
Anyway back to the market. What a cold and wet day its been, but I had my heart set on going, so we went. I'm afraid I forgot my camera but it was so busy the photos wouldn't have been very good. But I'm going again next weekend so will try and remember the camera then. The goodies pictured above were all from one stall that I cued for ages to get to, but they were such a bargain, the whole lot for £9.50.
I love this little ceramic Christmas cottage tea light holder, its so pretty.

and these two little characters caught my eye.

sorry the pics not very good, but she's lovely and a bargain at £1.50.

and this little fellow was £1.

I also visited my favourite stall from last year, and got a bag of Christmas pot pourri and a scented oil. Mind you this little lot wasn't cheap but the smell is gorgeous. I may use some to make myself a gingerbread garland, as I wasn't allowed one of the garlands on the stall, hubby said they were too much. :o(
We also had a mince pie each and I had a mulled wine and hubby a hot chocolate, yummy. Hubby also bought me one of my Christmas presents. Its a lovely snuggly sheep that you put over the sofa, and he has pockets to store things like remote controls, or in my case my sewing kit and wheatie. Can't show a pic though as its been confiscated for wrapping.
Popped into a little craft shop and got some brown felt and some tiny bells and red beads for xmas decs, then we headed for home, via Laura Ashley :o). Wanted to look around more shops but need to swap hubby for girls, cos men hate shopping and get too grumpy.
Going to snuggle up with hubby tonight and watch The Spiderwick Chronicles on DVD.
Have a nice evening folks
TTFN. xxxxx


Simone said...

What a delightful blog! I have just discovedred you and the cheery Christmas music. Thank you for cheering up my gloomy day!

Kim said...

Oooh, you got some lovely little treats. Which market was that? Winchester? Will it be on again?

I love your blog shop, it's a great idea, and this blog is looking lovely too :)

Kim x