Saturday, 8 November 2008

An Award....

Many Thanks to Sian at diary of a tinyholder for this award. Its lovely to know that people enjoy my blog, and it really cheered me up.

Theres so many blogs that I enjoy reading, so fellow bloggers who read this I award this to you too.

I've been on a paediatric first aid course all day today and will be next Saturday as part of my job. I really wasn't looking forward to it as I really wanted some extra sleep this morning. But do you know, I really enjoyed it. Sally who taught the course is a volunteer for Hampshire Ambulance Service and is a member of rapid response, so she actually knew what she was talking about rather than teaching straight from a text book. I came away feeling what a worthwhile course it was and how more people should be trained in first aid, as if you can only help a little its still helping. We need more people like sally who volunteer their services, what a great lady, looking forward to next Saturday now.

On a completely different note, did anyone catch Merlin tonight. I absolutely love this series and my husband dare not speak to me while I'm watching it, its great. If that wasn't treat enough, it was followed by an hour long programme on BBC4 about Merlin, so Pixie is a happy bunny. I also spoke to a friend this afternoon that I haven't spoke to in a year, so that cheered me up too. Quite sleepy now though so off to bed in a minute.

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MelMel said...

I love Merlin...fabaroonie!
I'm going to ask Olly to pop to Holland and Barrets to see if they have that Manuka honey...thank you for that.....i try really hard not to take tablets....but natural stuff is fab...cheers for that!xxx