Saturday, 29 November 2008

A bit of a wash out.....

Well I didn't get to go to Winchester Christmas market today in the end :o(, but hubby's gonna take me tomorrow instead :o). I sorted my mum's shopping out this morning and took her to the bank, then took myself off to my favourite shop Cheselpeake Mill, where I got a couple of Christmas presents and a little vintage shabby sheep pictured below. I also made these cute little Christmas wreath tree decorations, which I will be putting in my blog shop in a minute.
Here's the cute little sheep I got, I'm not sure what make he is as he has no button in his ear or tags, but looks like he once had a tag by his bottom.

His nose needs repairing, so I may ask my sister in law to do it as shes the bear expert.

He looked so lonely sat on his own in a chair, so he happened to just jump in the basket when I wasn't looking!
Off to our friends to dinner shortly, so catch up tomorrow.
Update, I've also made my first sale on my blog shop, I'm so chuffed, thanks Hen. xxxx


MelMel said...

Looks like a Merrythought toy....i havea hippo and a bull and he looks quite like them....

Hope you get to the fair tomorrow!xxx

Sarahs Home said...

There is an award waiting over at my blog for you.

Sarah x

Josie-Mary said...

He's lovely....congratulations on your first sale.... have a good day :)