Wednesday, 26 November 2008

A Wanna Be Domestic Goddess

You would think with all these books, on cookery, cleaning and good old house wifery, that I'd be a true domestic goddess. Urm! I'd like to be, but I'm dreadful at managing my time and I'm probably the worlds biggest procrastinator. So it is my aim, starting from today, as we always break our new years resolutions, to be a Domestic Goddess. I can already talk the talk, but need to be able to walk the walk.

I'm hoping to go to the Christmas market in Winchester on Saturday, but will try and get a bit of cleaning done. Sunday is the first day in ages that is free, and I'm so looking forward to it. I'm going to get the Christmas cake made and hope to get some cleaning and sorting out done as well. Hopefully I will try and tackle either the bathroom or the kitchen, as these two rooms are in desperate need of some tlc, and need more than just a quick flick around.
I've made a start, and have dinner ready prepared, so that I can just switch it on when I'm home from work. I'm treating Mr Pixie to a sirloin steak tonight, how decadent. But I'm sick of chips so were having roast potatoes, roast parsnips, carrots and broccoli. I bought a tub of beef dripping at the farm shop today to cook the roasties in, yum. Whilst at the farm shop I also ordered the Christmas Turkey, a 5kg bronze bird, that will grace the Christmas table. As turkeys are a fair old bit of cash I also paid £10 off today, so its not quite such a huge amount in one go.
I'm feeling all festive now that the birds ordered and I'm singing the pogues Christmas song in my head. I must hook out that CD. Well have a good day all, any tips on my road to being a domestic goddess would be greatly appreciated.


MelMel said...

I have a cleaning plan....
Mon night..iron.
Tues..all washing.
Wed...bathroom and kitchen, hoover whole house and change throws on sofa.
Fri....Iron and change bed.

Apart from wed the other days i do 20mins each night when the children have gone.
Food list, each time you use something write it on a list on the fridge.
Some tips that keep me sane!
Chocolate biccie and tea methinks, i'm all done!
Good have made an organised start!:>))))

Sarahs Home said...

Not so sure that I can give you any tips on been a domestic goddess, I used to be quite organised... Once, a long time ago...
It is something that I really need to work on, with christmas on its way i would love to be sorted and organised so that once we break for the holidays we can just spend time together doing nice things.
This is my plan anyway...
Perhaps we should have a "Domestic Goddess" accountability day on our blogs just for fun. That way we can keep track of what we have or have not yet done.
Good luck with the cake,

Sarah x

Solorn said...

I'm a great procrastinator too but I think I am slowly, very slowly, over coming that with the help of a control journal. I didn't like many of the ones I found online so I've made my own with bits from all over the place. It really does work once you get in to the habit of looking at it every morning.

I hope things work out for you. I'll keep my fingers crossed:)

nita x said...

hi pixie, i dont think anyone can really claim to be a domestic goddess, even if you had all the time in the world, as something always pops up to distract and take over LOL, and why worry just do what you can that day theres always another day, and lifes to short to worry :o)

cinnamon cottage said...

pixie thankyou somuch for the advice i was nearly crying i thought i had lost all of my info, it was all showing in the layout but not on the blog!! thanks again oh and thankyou for tha award i will do it tommorow. hugs Jan xxx

cinnamon cottage said...

Hi pixie have left you a little thankyou on my blog if you would like to come over and pick it up.
blessings Jan xx

Josie-Mary said...

Oooohhh singing the pogues song... it's only 3 weeks this tuesday til I see them in Bristol. I really can't wait... didn't make it last year but have been seeing them every Christmas for about 5 years. How I love it when the snow comes down when they play this song. They only problem is I'm having to go to the pub more in the lead up... you have to get some practice!!
I'm rubbish at house work but I try to keep on top of it. I don't have the same day off every week so I use a calendar on the PC to remind me when I need to do things. I clean every room once a week.... hate doing the bathroom but I found if you run a cloth around everyday it doesn't take so long. Good luck!!! :)

Lavender hearts said...

Hiya, you look very organised to me! I just ordered 2 bears from your sister in law! :-)

MelMel said...

Thank you hun.....i really want to feel like the lady on your side bar, but don't have the guts!
( the "S" word one!!!!)

Wouldn't life be so much easier!
If we could have the ability to switch certain feelings off....and really not give a bleep!

ho hum....soon be over, its like slow torture!