Monday, 10 November 2008

Tucked up indoors......

We'd been out yesterday to the cash and carry to stock up on bulk buys, nipped into the DIY store to get some door knobs, popped into the Co-Op then home in the warm and dry. Wasn't the weather horrible yesterday? It doesn't fair much better today either, its so windy here. So once the shopping was unpacked and a cuppa made I raided my fabric stash and made this Sleepy Time Pillow for the craft fair on Sunday.
Its filled with Lavender and the heart danglys in the corner are also filled with Lavender.

I've stitched a border of pink stitches around the outside of the heart, but you can't see it that well on the pics. Also managed to get another angel drawn onto fabric and cut out, as well as three hearts, just got to get them stitched up now. I'm hoping the orange, cinnamon sticks and bags I ordered will arrive today or tomorrow, as I need them for the gingerbread garland and the fair.
Whilst writing this post I'm multi-tasking and making two shepherds pies at the same time. You wouldn't catch a bloke doing that. :o)
Please take a look at Mel Mels blog as shes hosting a Christmas swap, and the more that take part the more brilliant it will be. :o)


cinnamon cottage said...

what a lovely pillow, I love the smell of lavender (not as much as cinnamon) you make some realy lovely stuff, thankyou for leaving a comment im glad im getting a few peaple inspired to get cooking,the best bit is eating it ...especialy the cakes! yummy, have a good day pixiedust (love the name)so cute. blessings JAN X

nita x said...

pixie the pillow is gorgeous :o)

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

love your blog name and the wizard of oz music LOL
thanks for visiting me I can now see i am in the presence of a sewing master! how impressive your "makes" are :-)
lesley x

Kim said...

Pixie you're making some beautiful things, really well done :) and your new banner looks lovely too. Good luck for next week :)

Kim x

Sarahs Home said...

I think that the cushion is beautiful.. Well done.

Sarah x

MelMel said...

Thank you so much for the link...your a star.....wonderful cushion!
I love hearts!
I'm so happy its done....sitting here with my candles on the go...totally relaxed.....well kind of!:>)))