Thursday, 13 November 2008

She's No Angel.......

Well not yet anyway.......I managed to get the clothes finished for my next angel today. They just need a bit of decoration with stitches before they go on, but I'm glad there made. The dress is the most time consuming bit and a little fiddly. I've not bothered attempting to stitch it on the machine, its easier by hand. This is going to be a Christmas angel, and I'm liking the colours. I need to find time to get the angel done now. I'll be running around like a headless chicken this evening, so no chance then. I will try to get her done between working tomorrow and a first aid course on Saturday, ready for the fair on Sunday.
Managed to get this heart done the beginning of the week, its scented with rose. I have another two of these cut out to make. I also need to make a gingerbread garland. AAAGGHH theres not enough hours in the day. At least my orange and cinnamon sticks have turned up now, and also my pink bags have arrived. So almost all set.


karen said...

Just came across your blog whilst bloghopping and I wanted to say that your blog is very yummy and I'll be popping back to haunt you regularly (if that's ok hehehe)

MelMel said...

Sorry your not well.....i think a pair os Stanleys socks would make you better...:>)))