Sunday, 16 November 2008

Todays Craft Fair......

Well after much, toil and very sore fingers from all that sewing, we set off for the craft fair today. Heres a pic of the stall after I'd sold two items, as I forgot to take a pic before then.
As usual, I spent more than I made, when I saw this gorgeous little bracelet and had to buy it. I just love the colour.

My sister in law made the bears and this Beatrix potter hangy. I think its lovely. It didn't sell, but I know she wants to give it as an Xmas gift anyway, so never mind.
I won't be buying my cottage in the country yet. I sold a few bits, but didn't make much, so will be putting it all on etsy in the next few days.

It was a lovely fair, but the people were just not coming in. :o(

This is the Christmas angel that I was up until 12.00 finishing. I still have her too.
Had a nice day until it was home time. The exit from the car park is really tight, and I managed to scrape and dent the side of my car. I'm so cross, and hubby wasn't best pleased either. So the little money I made will be going towards a car repair now. :o( Its just not my year this year. Still I'm enjoying a quiet night in now with a glass of wine.


Josie-Mary said...

ooooh poor you. The stall looks lovely but working in retail myself I know no one wants to spend money. Never mind it may sell on Etsy. The cake stand is pretty, I like the little ginger men hanging from it :)

solsticedreamer said...

oh no i forgot :(
swampy has been feeling really poorly for two days so it just went out of my head...i am so sorry :(

Pixiedust said...

Don't worry Lee. it wasn't a particularly busy fair, and it was still a bit of a trek from the forest. I hope swampy is feeling better today. I'm going to put a lot of the stuff on etsy in the next couple of days, as I still have quite a bit left. xxx

Daisie said...

Sorry it didn't go as well as you'd hoped and your poor car! I know it feels awful when that happens!
But on the upside your etsy shop will be lovely and full for all those christmas shoppers :-)

cinnamon cottage said...

Ahhh lovely stuff you made for the fair, shame it wasnt a busy one for you, hopefully next time and I love the white three teir thingy and the lovely colour of the material on your table one of my fave colours. blessings Jan x

cinnamon cottage said...

Hello pixie dust
I have just given you an award if you would like to accept it just pop over to my blog. blessings Jan x

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Thanks for following my blog!
You've been tagged!
See my blog for details.

Kim said...

Sorry you didn't make your fortune, Pixie. I've been in that same situation myself. Some fairs are good and others not so, but you'll get to know which ones are best in time.

Kim x