Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Tuesday musings..........

I managed to finish the other sets of flower faerie cushions last night, and had to take another pic. I could have my whole house covered in this fabric and not get bored of it, its so pretty.
Also whipped up this little pin cushion last night, can't decide if I like it though, I was just itching to make something from this fabric.
I'm working the school holiday club this week, and we got the paints out today, and blimey didn't they make a mess, one girl had pink fluorescent paint all over her cream cardigan. I do hope it comes out in the wash. Got home about half one, and look what the postman brought me......

I ordered this online last week after Sarah at Pink Petal Designs had recommended it on her blog. I've had a bit of a flick through, but will have a good read a bit later when I'm in my jammies, fleecy dressing gown, slippers and snuggling with my hottie, cos its bloomin freezin. I mean you've got to be comfy on days like these.
I've got a nice shepherds pie cooking for tea to warm the insides and a glass of wine for me! I'm just enjoying the peace and quiet at the moment, hubby's still at work, dog and cat are dozing and its cosy inside.

This is my attempt at tidying my dining room table. You should have seen it last night, fabric everywhere. Well I might get a bit of blogging done before tea, so catch you later. xxx

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