Sunday, 26 October 2008

Me again....

Well I never did get that cake baked, but I did finish my Halloween swap item for the CL forum, so will put that in the post tomorrow. I'm really pleased with it and would love to show you a pic, but its a surprise swap, and the lady that's to receive it reads my blog. I'll give you one clue and say that's its quilted.

This evening I've cut out and stitched five Flower Fairy Mini cushions/lavender sachets which tomorrow I will stuff and finish off. I suddenly remembered I had the fabric in my stash tonight so dashed upstairs retrieved it from the drawer and got cracking.

Nita, with regards to my number below, it couldn't be more accurate scary. I'm gonna watch that Dickens thing on at eight, so have a nice evening everyone. xxx


Kim said...

Some lovely posts Pixie, and I love the goodies that you bought. Is the Mill in Wickham? I may have to pay it a visit ;) How are the crafts coming along? are you on target?

Kim x

Pixiedust said...

Hi Kim, The Mill is in Wickham. Go through the square follow road to the right, and its there on the left. Got loads of crafting still to do, I hope I'm ready in time.