Friday, 24 October 2008

Childhood memories......

To cheer myself up this evening, I've been reminiscing my childhood, below are some of my memories. I thought this would be a lovely thing for fellow bloggers to do in these depressing times. So heres the challenge, why don't you all have a go, I'd love to see fellow bloggers childhood memories.
I've put the Fraggle Rock theme tune in my playlist to the side its at the top, that will make you smile.
Ahhh Fraggle Rock my all time fav tv programme, closely followed by........

The Pink Windmill, Grotbags was always my favourite.

Come on admit it, we all had one of these......Mine was lilac, with matching Velcro trainers.

I snuggled up with one of these.

Listened to this........

Watched this A LOT!

Had some of these, whilst launching myself from the sofa, in a popular dance craze.

Oh hello Mr Ben, where are we going today...........

I had rather a soft spot for the Karate kid, and even started Karate lessons. Not that they lasted very long.

Hey You Guys.....remember this?

Got a light Jamie.....

I knew those leg warmers would come in handy.
Your probably thinking I'm completely bonkers now, but I really enjoyed that. Go on give it a go.


MelMel said...

Your post has cheered me!
I will try and do one soon!
Sometimes retreating into ones childhood is a comfort, i'm going to read Milly Molly Mandy in bed tonight when i've done this basket thingie!

Thank you for leaving me a comment and cheering me up.....:>))xx

Daisie said...

What a brilliant idea, might try that one later in the week.
I squealed when I read your post and have had to sing the Fraggle Rock theme tune to my children (they now have confirmed that I am infact mad and it wasn't in their imaginations!)! Set me up for a day of remebering.
Sadly (?) I didn't have a shell suit but I did have pink leggings and leg warmers and some amazing spotty ra-ra skirts.....
And I must find the Goonies on DVD so I can make the girls watch it, so good. And Timebandits was brill too!

solsticedreamer said...

how great! i may have to do this later too :)

but i think you must be a bit younger than me pixie~out of the list i only know mr benn and adam and the ants....did i fancy him?!!! (adam ant not mr benn ;))

Sarahs Home said...

Oh my goodness, I used to have these things and watch these programes. Jamie and his magic torch was fab but I had forgotten about it until I saw the picture and then the song was singing around in my head. hehehe !!! I used to love Grotbags too.

Thanks for the tag, I will get it posted asap.

Sarah xxx