Wednesday, 8 October 2008

There and back again, a Pixies tale.......

Well, I've finally got on here to write a post, about time aye? Hubby and myself and the dog have been away for a few days to Somerset for our anniversary. We stayed in a gorgeous little cottage near Wellington and Sampford moor, which was a stones throw away from these lovely views. We were one of two cottages down a long lane and you only had to walk out of the gate, turn left walk up a steep hill and you were on sampford moor, or as the owners called it the Race course. Woody really enjoyed the walks and it was nice to get away. I got a cold before we went which put a dampener on things a bit, but we still enjoyed it. Also found a couple of good farm shops and got some jams and jellies and a bottle of apple and blackberry wine.

Our neighbours looked after the cat for us. This is the cat that hates people and is scared of her own shadow. She let them smooth her and she didn't bat an eyelid when they came in. I think she may have been bribed with Tuna.

Since I've been back I've been busy making an item for a forum swap that I'm taking part in and I've got another item to make for a Halloween swap at the end of the month. I've also got my first craft type show to do selling my gingerbread men, hearts and bits and bobs in November so its all hands to the pump. My brothers girlfriends nursery is holding the charity evening and they have lots of stall there selling handmade cards, chocolates etc and she asked me if I'd like to do one and the rest is history. You don't have to pay for your stall, but they do ask for 10% of your profits to be donated to the charity of the evening.

I'm hoping to set up an Etsy shop in the near future with my crafty bits in so watch this space. How easy is this to do? any help would be appreciated.
This little deer stood still watching us for ages, and its a buck, you can just make out his antlers.
Woody in Somerset looks just as handsome as when he's in Hampshire. Pictured here sporting the latest fur cut and collar and tag wear.

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