Friday, 24 October 2008

My New Favourite Place.....

Today folks, I visited my newly found favourite place. Cheselpeake Mill. It sells lots of vintage furniture and accessories, new bits and bobs old fashioned games, homespun and handmade items etc. I could spend hours in there and I probably do. I picked these two cards up from there today, vintage and funny to boot.

I also got this great witches hat for Halloween. It was half price in the garden centre and reminds me of the sorting hat in Harry Potter. (Modelled here by Woody and a giraffe)

My other great purchase was this gorgeous wicker basket. I'm going to line it in a pretty fabric and display some goodies in at the craft fair. Woody wasn't impressed that it didn't contain food or balls.

And my favourite thing is this HOME sign. I've wanted one for ages. I'm undecided if this is where I'll keep it, I may have to move it around a bit first.

I also got three get stocking filler gifts for the family, but can't put them on here for obvious reasons.

Well back to my sewing folks.


MelMel said...

S0ome lovely finds....i love harry potter!
Cool hat1

nita x said...

i love the witches hat :) makes mine look positively sad lol and some great finds :)