Saturday, 11 October 2008

What A NAUGHTY Pixie I Am........

Well....... because I haven't blogged much of late, I have a load of pics to show you, so prepare for
I attended the bear fair in Kensington in September and met a lovely lady called Cathryn from DW bears. I purchased a bear from her....not this one though, her pic is further down, and I bought her with some birthday money I had, as it was also my Birthday in the beginning of September, anyway, I digress. Cathryn had a lovely range of raggy bears, which I fell in love with, and I asked her to make me one, thinking that it wouldn't be made until at the very earliest Christmas. But she made him within a fortnight and he arrived this week. May I introduce Radley Rags, Isn't he the cutest. He reminds me of Mr Potts dressed as a rag doll in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

The bear I originally bought from DW Bears is this little stunner, actually she's quite big, but isn't she gorgeous. I love how original Cathryns bears are. This is Polly Patch.

Phoebe likes her.
Today was another naughty day in Pixiedust land. I went to a fabric shop with my sister in law and got a bit of a stash.

Other recent purchases, (remember I did have birthday money and I haven't been on here for a while) include these jugs from the Whittards outlet shop. I also have two mugs and four egg cups but didn't put a pic of them on here.
A lovely birch twig heart that I bought on holiday.

A pic of my favourite shelves. There filling up, NEED MORE SHELVES........... Also bought with birthday money was this patchwork throw, aren't the colours pretty.

Phoebe's rather fond of it!

Saw these cards and had to have them!

My neighbours bought this gorgeous candle pumpkin back from Florida for me. I only wish you could smell it, as it smells divine. Pumpkin Heaven.........

My friend Marie bought me this candle for my Birthday, and again smells delicious, you could actually eat it.
Well that's all the pics for now, until I get busy snapping again, hope you enjoyed.


thesnailgarden said...

Welcome back, I love the pumpkin background. Great photos, you have found some very beautiful items for your home.

Best wishes, Pj x

ambermoggie said...

some wonderful things there:) Does the bear lady have an email or web address?

Pixiedust said...

Thanks PJ.

Ambermoggie, Cathryn can be contacted at

Hope this helps.

Louisa xxx

Chrissy said...

It is good to catch up with all the things you have been up to. Some lovely photo's and I just love those bears, they are gorgeous :-D

solsticedreamer said...

what wonderful goodies! i love the jugs, i have a thing for jugs and still have not unpacked some of mine...decorating seems to take forever!

Kim said...

Lovely goodies, Pixie, and what a great way to spend your Birthday money, on lovely things that you really want :)

Kim x

nita x said...

pixie those bears are just gorgeous, love them :)
well done an all your other treasures too.

Vanessa said...

Looks like you have spent your birthday money wisely! Those jugs(not to be over familiar) look gorgeous, might have to pay a visit to Whittards!

Vanessa x

Bovey Belle said...

What gorgeous things - I collect jugs, but mine are the Victorian type (and often have a bash, but doesn't show when they're hung up on the beams!) I've been looking for a couple of nice candles for my middle daughter for Christmas, but the ones in TK-Maxx didn't have very nice perfumes - coffee cake - URGH!

Those bears are fabulous, and have SUCH character and as for your fabric stash, I am drooling!