Thursday, 16 October 2008

A Crafty Business......

Well, I'm busy being crafty at the moment. Here's a bit of work in progress. These wooden hearts, when finish will be adorning my craft stall. All of the other things I'm making at the moment are stitched, and when they are finished I will pop up a pic. I've got two up and coming craft fairs and I've never done one before, so its all new to me, but I have been helping out on my SIL's stall for years selling bears so I'm hoping I'll be OK, I've just never had stuff I've made before on a stall.

When I've got enough I'm hoping to put some on Etsy as well, so watch this space.

Off to work again shortly, so its only a short post I'm afraid. xxxx


Daisie said...

Oooh, it's exciting isn't it and a little scary getting ready for a fair. I am new to fairs too and my first will be on November 9th, gulp! Good Luck!!!!
And you don't need loads of stuff to open an etsy shop (or folksy which I ma liking better at the mo) just one or two pieces and keep adding as you make stuff.

Kim said...

Looking forward to seeing all the finished lovely things, Pixie :)

Kim x

solsticedreamer said...

how amazing! i have always wanted to do craft fairs but never really got off my bum to do my studies take my time and i cant split myself in too!
my good friend Al (he is is my blogroll) is an artist and does all the craft fairs so you may well meet hima t one :)

nita x said...

hi pixie, just wanted to wish you luck on your new venture. and looking forward to seeing your other crafts once finished :)