Monday, 7 July 2008


Hi all, yet again I've been letting the blog slip. ooooppppssss. The bear fair went ok, but most people seemed to be out for a look and a wander so didn't sell that much. My sister in law did sell a couple of bears, and I only sold a couple of hearts, which was a bit disappointing. I've put a few pics of them on here.

Works still manic and have just finished an induction to Play work course, which was interesting, but the whole group tended to disagree with a lot of what the course had to say, such as give a child a packet of matches and let them play with them, and let them climb 50ft trees with no safety equipment as long as the tree has been risk assessed. that sort of thing.

Trying to do Slimming world in a big way at the moment. I've tried really hard this week. Its weigh-in on Thursday morning and I'm hoping to do well. Tried a quorn roast thing on Sunday, but it was bloomin awful. Won't be eating that again.

I haven't forgotten about the PIF's that I've got to do. I just haven't had a lot of time of late, but will try my hardest to get stuck into them as soon as I can.
Hope everyone is ok, speak to you soon. PD XXXXXX


Leanne said...

those hearts really are pretty Pixiedust.

I dont like quorn either :-)

Leanne x

Elanor Clare Andrews said...

Hey you, thanks for the comment on my blog, just been spending time reading yours! Love it, did'nt realise how much you and me have in common, like the same books,music, films, I so want a little cottage with chicks etc one day too! I'll pop a link from my blog to yours, hope your ok.x

Ancestral Celt said...

Nice to have you back online.

Daisie said...

Welcome back!
I love the pink hearts with the buttons, mmm!
I had a quorn mince lasagne on saturday for the first time and it wasn't bad.
Good luck for thursday!!