Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Curds and Cake......

Yesterday I had a go at making Bramley apple and lemon curd and here is the finished product. Must say I was quite pleased with it. Does taste very apple saucy my hubby said, and not as nice as your lemon curd. Still it was tasty and will be great in cake fillings. The recipe came from the new River Cottage Preserves book, which i still have on order, but this particular recipe was in the guardian taken from the book.
And today I made a courgette cake, as had loads in the fridge. Its filled with Lime Curd, which I also made today and a cream cheese topping.
This recipe is from Nigella Lawsons Domestic Goddess book. Had a taste not bad, but would be bland without the kick that the curd and cheese give.
Took this of my Puddy-tat last night. She wanted to be with her mum and was following me around everywhere. She took a seat on the dining room table, while I did battle with the freezer. I made a Lasagne and a chicken curry yesterday for meals when we don't have too much time and tying to fit them in the freezer was a military operation.
And finally a picture of my boy, looking very handsome after his fur cut on Monday.

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Ancestral Celt said...

Ooooh. Love curd. I am still trying different varieties to find the ultimate lemon curd.