Monday, 21 July 2008

Dorset Teddy Bear Fair at Kingston Maurward

Well yesterday My sister in law and I made our way to Dorchester for the Dorset Teddy Bear Fair. It was an easy drive down and we didn't really hit much traffic. The Fair is held at Kingston Maurward House in Dorchester which is a beautiful 18th Century Georgian House set in a Capability Brown style parkland setting.
The bear fair is a lot smaller than it used to be, as all the stall holders were in one hall. Sadly a lot of the stallholders were bear shops rather than the dying bear artist, which is what I for one like to look at, rather than manufactured bears, which all look the same.
Here are some of the bears my sister in law made which were on the stall. These are her new style calico bears which are more affordable and I love. They go really well in a shabby chic style setting.

Was a bit of a disappointing show, as didn't even cover the cost of the table. So not sure if we will be going back again next year.
My hearts, cupcakes and chickens! I sold two hearts yesterday. I won't be a millionaire yet then!

The best part of the day for me was discovering the beautiful gardens. I could have spent all day looking around. It was a lovely day yesterday and just wandering around on my own was so relaxing.

There were lots of different parts to the garden to explore, it was just like the secret garden. I'm hoping to take hubby along sometime to have a look around. Sadly you can't take your dogs which is a shame as its a long day to leave him on his own, so will have to try and find someone to look after him.

I got a bit carried away taking piccies but it was so pretty I had too!


Chrissy said...

Wow, I feel as though I was there too. LOL. Great gardens. Shame about the bear fair, I used to make bears some years ago....I remember doing so well at some fairs and badly at others, it is so disappointing. They take a long time to make an very rarely does the artist make out of them what is truly deserved.....and there are some lovely ones there :-D

solsticedreamer said...

do you know...i am a fifteen minute drive and never been there!!! thanks for the photos!!!
i wish we had been home for the fair i would have dragged swampy there as quick as you like!

pink-petal-designs said...

Lovely pics, and i love those calico bears !

Leanne said...

lovely photos Pixie!

Bohemian Single Mom said...

omg...these garden photos are absolutely gorgeous!
And those are the CUTEST Teddy Bears I've ever seen.
What a great day!!

Summer by the sea said...

Sorry the fair was a bit of a let down, but it looked like a lovely day and the pictures of the gardens are lovely - Natalie x

Sharon J said...

A teddy bear fair! I absolutely love teddy bears. I'd have been having orgasms walking around there! ;)

MrsL said...

Lovely pictures; we like KM. It's worth a visit on their annual open day too - lots going on, including lots of hunky young farmer types shinning up and down trees and things............:0